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Recent content by Animaljamroblox11

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  1. Animaljamroblox11

    weird glitch

    I experienced that.
  2. Animaljamroblox11

    unlock my thread

    I think it depends...
  3. Animaljamroblox11

    25k GIveaway is so unfair :/

    What? I don't understand.
  4. Animaljamroblox11

    25k GIveaway is so unfair :/

    I wish we we're just equal like 5k each (if you're part of the top 5)
  5. Animaljamroblox11

    100 Hundred Members!!!

    YUP milestones!
  6. Animaljamroblox11

    Who hates me to death

    Why would someone hate you or even think about killing/murdering you?
  7. Animaljamroblox11

    an crash thingy

    Or it depends on the graphics. Try lowering your graphics or just down join big games.
  8. Animaljamroblox11

    Things about me on roblox.

    wait what? when did Roblox put a Virtual Reality platform?
  9. Animaljamroblox11

    KSI vs ???

    What is KSI?
  10. Animaljamroblox11

    Planning on quitting this forum

    Thanks guys
  11. Animaljamroblox11

    Planning on quitting this forum

    I lost the third place and lost hope lol not lol and I'm really busy due to school and projects hope I can still win
  12. Animaljamroblox11

    Trading shouldn't be BC exclusive

  13. Animaljamroblox11

    Story time

  14. Animaljamroblox11


    Welcome hope you like it here