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Recent content by autoclicker

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  1. autoclicker

    Free Robux! (NO SCAM) (100% REAL!!!)

    A SCAM! @Captcinn 1558040200 nah @Captcinn i took one for the team and i was gnomed
  2. autoclicker

    Selling Selling a game Selling this simulator. Could be built up if you know what your doing. current bid: 3000 i can negotiate but negotiations within 500 upon how much u really need the negotiation. thx btw must be tshirt
  3. autoclicker

    to those who exploit on multiplayer games

    this guy used to be my friend. he then went around cookie logging ppl. i confronted him and he blocked me and i did some digging. this is what i find lol
  4. autoclicker

    Some games i made lol yah cool
  5. autoclicker


    I only do GFX for people. Developing is something I do as a personal thing. 1557863582 Yo your still here! Its so nice to see you :D 1557863601 Yeah man! You too :D!
  6. autoclicker


    I am spiralgaia, aka Spiral, autoclicker (idk why i named myself this lol), or some other things. I joined this forum a long time ago, but I went inactive. I am a developer and a GFX artist.
  7. autoclicker

    Giveaway $100 Roblox Giveaway! [CLOSED]

  8. autoclicker

    do you think tbc will be removed?

    are you kidding. i have normal bc, but both me and my brother have this shown. we checked and our plan hasn't changed, it just looks like that.
  9. autoclicker

    Is this glitch happening to all BC players, or just me?

    I don't have tbc lol. It just says i do.
  10. autoclicker

    Broken Animation. Any Fix?

    I keep getting this, and I don't know why. Please help.
  11. autoclicker

    Can't animate a rig in roblox.

    Video I can move nothing but the torso and a single leg. Please help. PS: I used Character Creator plugin to create this, it should work.
  12. autoclicker

    Need help with a dialog choice opening a Gui!

    nothing at all. I have no clue why!
  13. autoclicker

    Need help with a dialog choice opening a Gui!

    script.Parent.DialogChoiceSelected:connect(function(dialog) local gui = script.Parent:FindFirstChild("ScreenGui") -- Change Shop To The Name Of The Gui. if dialog.Name=="DialogChoice" then -- Change The Choice1 To The Name Of The Dialog Choice. gui:Clone().Parent =...
  14. autoclicker

    Need help with HttpService

    Any examples. I'm not the best with FE Situations. 1544307768 Did this thread die? I kind of need it. 1544307794 Did this thread die? I kind of need it.
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