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Recent content by dustydan2

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  1. dustydan2

    flamingo hasnt been funny since early 2019

    I only watch flamingo for the chaos even then I only occasionally watch flamingo
  2. dustydan2

    "what about a frog?"

    "ribbit" "there was a frog in my backyard and it just screamed" these are the quotes of a lifetime
  3. dustydan2

    How do I fix this?

    did you try refreshing the page?
  4. dustydan2

    Unhelpful facts that make your friends think you have no life

    a special fungus can infect insects and spiders and turn them into half dead half alive zombie bugs
  5. dustydan2

    so i looked up my roblox username and this popped up lol

  6. dustydan2

    staff app

    eh not really 1. need a few hundred more messages 2. need to be nice to the community (judging by your -55 reaction score you probably don't meet this requirement) 3. need to be 14 years of age (looking at my calendar I can indeed confirm it is not january 3rd so come back then) 4. you probably...
  7. dustydan2

    I carried a mat vs i married a cat

    My cat and I are just now on our honeymoon :)
  8. dustydan2

    script not working

    I have a script that teleports you into another game, but it doesn't work. I am a horrible scripter and I have no idea how to fix it. here's the code: script.Parent.MouseButton1:Connect(function() game:GetService("TeleportService"):Teleport(game.Players.LocalPlayer,7659057493) end)
  9. dustydan2

    do you like granola bars?

  10. dustydan2

    Post your RobloxForum Tier Lists here

    waddu u mean we don't work together?
  11. dustydan2

    there are 2 possible sights you can see in my pfp

    I see a default orange "F"
  12. dustydan2

    Rating Your Games

    https://web.roblox.com/games/7043290416 I put some effort in it
  13. dustydan2

    just hitormissgonnamissya trying to get on with alts in every corner

    "don't reject me" lol I find that the funniest thing ForwhatreasonNoReject
  14. dustydan2

    wtf is wrong with my school

    Whomever in there right mind would think of this? the guy who actually thought that image is ok for students had an iq lower than the amount of people who said it was ok
  15. dustydan2

    what is the best game you've ever played?

    minecraft all of the other games I play suck