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    help me!?!?!?

    I suggest you read the other comments before posting, as he explained what's going on. But still, impressive wall of text you just posted out of the blue.
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    help me!?!?!?

    Ah, I see. Strange that you're supposed to go to bed but still have to watch your pets. Edit: Fixed typo.
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    help me!?!?!?

    Who are they? To me, that texts says you have to watch your pets while your pets are gone.
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    help me!?!?!?

    I'm sorry, but what? You went into bed but weren't supposed to fall asleep and you have to watch your pets while they're gone?
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    help me!?!?!?

    I once had a night like this: Went to bed at 10 pm, stayed awake until 3 am. I was also starting to go insane, but then just started watching TV and instantly fell asleep. Have you tried that?
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    ROBLOX is here!

    I doubt an official Roblox CEO would visit.
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    an old story I remembered

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    Data Store Errors

    Imagine spending over 100 euros/bucks just to find out that you didn't get any.
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    today is my funniest day!

    Oops, fixed my mistake.
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    today is my funniest day!

    This was pretty funny actually.
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    Laggy for no reason

    Might just be because of the game you're playing. For example I play a lot of Noobs VS Zombies:Realish which has a lot of stuff the game has to render, naturally causing it to lag.
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    Mine is more badass, obviously.

    Mine is more badass, obviously.
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    Similarities between Coiny9436 and Noobthatlikescheese

    We're looking into it.
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    Good that you can speak it at all. Beats my 3 words by a long shot, lol.
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    Heh, I wish. Those two and "merci" are the only French words I know.
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