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Recent content by Grak2211

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  1. Grak2211

    Do you guys actually use the ignoring system?

    no although my dear friend @dominikow40 once used it one me as a joke
  2. Grak2211

    hello spamton man

    hello spamton man
  3. Grak2211

    I made this with Blender.

  4. Grak2211

    and thus the rise begins

    ah cheese here we go again
  5. Grak2211


    thank you you are a legend
  6. Grak2211

    i think namesniping would be great on this site

    just sayin that making alts is against the rules man
  7. Grak2211

    this is going too far

    yeah i made the same thread lol there are like 10 of em 1634369539 the epic forum scam bot battle
  8. Grak2211

    what the hecc is this scam bot apocalypse

    **** someone is really trying to scam the hecc out of these forums
  9. Grak2211

    500 reaction score AOI (basically a Q&A)

    uuUUh dunno where did you get your name from?
  10. Grak2211


    Noice im the 2005th which is literally useless but nice
  11. Grak2211

    Very bored; Rating avatars

  12. Grak2211

    footage of when 1stt got banned

  13. Grak2211

    RIP Bozo

    yup why don't we celebrate with bunch of cheese 🧀🧀🧀🧀
  14. Grak2211

    Very bored; Rating avatars

    Im about to get b u r n e d