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Recent content by joshua2010660

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  1. J

    the jailbreak is good and fun game? jailbrek playng only!!!!!!!

    He probably thought that Jailbreak was the best game and that it was so fun he plays it everyday, so that's why he made a thread? Idk. 1520176717 Wow. This ***** thinks we're "spamming." This guy, tryna make Jailbreak better. More likely, HIM better.
  2. J

    Booga Booga

    JustinPlaysRBL. No. Jailbreak has not been defeated. Jailbreak is still better than Booga Booga. I don't mean to be rude, Soybeen, but Jailbreak is still the most popular game with 1B+ visits in less than a year.