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I like to collect friend request so there is almost no chance that if you friend me I notice your request so if you want me to accept you, just tell me in a private conversation. Also, I don't accept friend requests from not nice, toxic people


5 days until Raichu's birthday.


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    I like it a lot

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    1,000 messages? Impressive!
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    Can't stop!

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    Somebody likes you

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    Keeps coming back

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  • rypagu425 rypagu425:
    ok. but has he broke one of his rules before?
  • ElHomburgerGuy ElHomburgerGuy:
    Idk, just going with what I'm supposed to do when someone does
  • rypagu425 rypagu425:
    sure mister meme moderator
  • rypagu425 rypagu425:
    ahhhh thats better
  • rypagu425 rypagu425:
    for now
  • rypagu425 rypagu425:
    hey why is it always just you and me
  • rypagu425 rypagu425:
    ok ow im lonely
  • wwe23 wwe23:
    I have the same problem only the game I tried to play was updated yesterday and today but my account is over 30days old
  • wwe23 wwe23:
    It's a game that I love
  • Stormx123 Stormx123:
    hola anyone Online????????????????
  • Stormx123 Stormx123:
    pls answer plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  • Raichu25 Raichu25:
    wow wow wubbzy
  • Stormx123 Stormx123:
    howslife sleepywinq
  • Stormx123 Stormx123:
    whats uppppp
  • Chef Chef:
    ok loser
  • Stormx123 Stormx123:
    what report
  • PokyStuffed PokyStuffed:
    book report
  • InsertDeadMemeHere InsertDeadMemeHere:
    i feel bored
    InsertDeadMemeHere InsertDeadMemeHere: i feel bored