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Recent content by lee293

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  1. lee293

    Roblox Grass Update

    Now give us trees.
  2. lee293

    [S] [TRADING] x2 Dominus Formidulosus

    You thought wrong.
  3. lee293

    Limited Owners watch out.

    Discord Scam, don't add these people on Disc.
  4. lee293

    Looking for builders for a minigames game

    Are you paying? If so how much. Then I may be interested. I can build in multiple styles.
  5. lee293

    Builder for hire (good at furniture)

    Any other examples?
  6. lee293

    Retexture Artist for Hire!

    Its not really a retexture if all your doing is switching the color. 1574279452 Well it is, but its a basic thing anyone can do.
  7. lee293

    anyone know how to make acceleration fs terrain?

    Youtube videos are very helpful.
  8. lee293

    Can somebody explain what this image means? (Its Classic Crossroads btw)

    ROBLOX probably snuck it in there to support the idea of creating your own game instead of copying others? I don't know. 1574279279 Unless its not made by ROBLOX.
  9. lee293

    not an art contest

  10. lee293

    I'm back.

    I'm back after many months, the website has changed alot from what I remember. Anyways, hello.
  11. lee293

    [S] Selling a roblox account for 40$

    Buying sold accounts is the worst idea ever, the account will literally & swiftly get a ban.
  12. lee293

    [S] Appraisal for old items request.

    The bloxxer awards are a really nice item to have.
  13. lee293

    [S] [TRADING] x2 Dominus Formidulosus

    Few days ago for 13k.
  14. lee293

    am i nice?

    No, you're a terrible human being for baiting likes. That is a highly illegal act in several countries and your punishment will be swift & justified. Criminal ****.
  15. lee293

    whats wrong with bumping?

    Well, this site has really changed hasn't it.
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