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  • Spiddy Spiddy:
  • Spiddy Spiddy:
  • quackityhq quackityhq:
    its a bypass test/
  • InsertDeadMemeHere InsertDeadMemeHere:
    whose toes are those
  • Thecoolguy16183 Thecoolguy16183:
    i took a screenshot
  • Coolcatmomi Coolcatmomi:
    if the word is not censored but is considered inappropriate please do not say it, it'll make the moderators job harder on clearing chat up once they see it
  • FarmTheCaactus FarmTheCaactus:
    @Limiteds, lol, banned
  • eco239 eco239:
    1:econnolly239https://web.roblox.com/users/99239545/profile2:I was banned in the trading server for duping3:I was not duping I was told and traded a free karambit and got banned by Racfor no reason I spent alot of robux on this game and I served over 60 days worthmy ban for no reason I really want to play again. I was not aware that his karambit could get me banned. (This happened like a year half a year ago, just found out how to apeal please help) Is this where I post apeals?
  • bigboypadilla9 bigboypadilla9:
    why is limiteds banned?
  • Thecoolguy16183 Thecoolguy16183:
    for reasons
  • quackityhq quackityhq:
    uh wat
  • Chef Chef:
    y'all guys stop knighting on this forum
  • Chef Chef:
    theyre innocent
    Chef Chef: theyre innocent