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Recent content by potmanisepik

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  1. potmanisepik

    kicked for N O

  2. potmanisepik

    I am a nub

    I am a nub
  3. potmanisepik

    do you clean your recycle bin?

  4. potmanisepik

    kicked for N O

    ight ima tell ya the whole thing then, So basiclly you play a normal game and I decided to try out a new game because i play the same ones all the time y'know? and when i played the game it was perfectly normal until after 3-2 hours it kicked me for the reason "No" and i tried rejoining, but it...
  5. potmanisepik

    kicked for N O

    the game that it was is Build 6/11/21 and the owner wasnt there thats the thing and same goes for another game named welcome to farm time idk.
  6. potmanisepik

    ROBLOX 2021 is really not going great

    roblox 2021 sucks and i do agree with ur political opinon because the old 2006-2017 was better and their was no cNp oders blah blah u get it
  7. potmanisepik

    kicked for N O

    help im being kicked for the reason no everytime i join a server hELP
  8. potmanisepik


    happy birthday :D
  9. potmanisepik

    What Was Your First Word?

    mama fwjaghiesgjlhiayelsrnfkaenelsijsklhgioesdklbhdsieghkdj