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Recent content by Projosh00

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  1. Projosh00

    Sell Area LocalScript Problem.

    Thank you, I Appreciate Your help.
  2. Projosh00

    Sell Area LocalScript Problem.

    Hello, My name is donotgivemepets77. I have been working on a simulator game lately and my script isn't working. I would really much appreciate your help. Here is the script. If you need to test it out, here is the script in text. ========== Script ========== -- Variables local player =...
  3. Projosh00

    Roblox middle experienced scripter - Available

    Hello Everyone! I'm a Roblox middle experienced scripter, I only accept payments of robux which a group is needed. My work payments start and end low. To ask me what abilities I have and I could do, Please contact my discord: Projosh00#6732 Incase you may ask, I am not a high payment lover...