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Recent content by RollerskateKid

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    This Place changed so much

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    I am needing a logo for my game

    Maybe... what kind of Logo are you going for
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    Yo, I need some help.

    Hey, so I want to make a Tower Defense game on ROBLOX like Bloons TD. Although I don't know how to script, I can only make the models and maps. I need a scripter to help me with the zombies, towers (troops) and map scripting. Thank you. Take note you might need pro scripting to do the kind of...
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    I need a scripter to help me make a role play game

    I want a scripter to help me make a Five Nights At Freddy's Role play game I made the models / the maps and I need someone to do the menu... and the character select for me. Thank you :)