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Recent content by rypagu425

  1. rypagu425

    explain this

    i guess u got on first after the update
  2. rypagu425

    [S] my soul

    really is it because u have a bad life
  3. rypagu425

    arsenal update with more tricks and tips

    hey guys its me again. if this is your first time seeing me, plz check my first arsenal tips by clicking this link NEW THING!!! having trouble with guns u hate to deal with? well now you can ask me! just start a conversation with me and ask away 1.villa...
  4. rypagu425


  5. rypagu425

    ElHomburgerGuy's Application

    oh well. im so left out ☠😥☠
  6. rypagu425

    Help for my new pfp

    man I guess the train should be your pic (though it is cringe)
  7. rypagu425

    what I mess

    what I mess
  8. rypagu425

    does anyone want to play minecraft with me

    uhh this is not roblox. plz make sure you post something to the right category
  9. rypagu425

    Giveaway $100 ROBLOX Codes Giveaway!!!

    here we go again!!!!
  10. rypagu425

    whats better to play roblox on

    im sure its xbox
  11. rypagu425

    if roblox games were rated, heres what i would rate them

    yea, I think about every roblox game and I wonder "should all games in here be rated?" that is one question. but to my standers here is what I think what could be there ratings. E for everyone: some simulators, tycoons and obbys. and town and city E 10 and up: war tycoons (which include gun...
  12. rypagu425

    Arsenal tips.

    sorry i forgot to mention that its also a good thing to jump off high ground with shotguns
  13. rypagu425

    boy u sure like to make memes. I would get sleep first

    boy u sure like to make memes. I would get sleep first
  14. rypagu425

    that's so funny

    that's so funny
  15. rypagu425

    Arsenal tips.

    (this is going to be my first time giving tips so don't make fun of me) hi everyone its me the (at least) cool one I'm going to share some tips to all so pay attention 1. MOVE: at least move your butt while gunfighting because u are a target to your opponents 2.find high ground: basically...
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