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  • A ARobloxian:
    around 2013
  • A ARobloxian:
    also when I joined.
  • A ARobloxian:
    well,i'll go,sorry if I bothered you.
  • A ARobloxian:
    and thanks again.
  • SleepyWinq SleepyWinq:
    No it's fine, you aren't bothering me at all.
  • SleepyWinq SleepyWinq:
    No problem! Lol.
  • CallMeKY CallMeKY:
    @ARobloxian if a game broke after the FE update, the game was already broken to begin with. Not properly using remotes is poor scripting and opens doors for exploiters to do anything they want to your game and it's players. Those developers should've been using them well before the update.
  • LuisDaGamer LuisDaGamer:
    hey uglies
  • Jakkeriy Jakkeriy:
    hey beautiful
  • PiForUAll PiForUAll:
    yes arron probs acknowlege u
  • Jakkeriy Jakkeriy:
    @PiForUAll, but do he tho
  • ElHomburgerGuy ElHomburgerGuy:
    Probably does, but he's working on other things, that or your just to good for Aaron
  • A ARobloxian:
    well "Reyne" Creator Of DZR Had To Code Old And Ancient Scripts Into FE Scripts,sadly.
  • C Comptoovan:
    Yow I need robux
  • Generalissimus Generalissimus:
    So do I
  • ElHomburgerGuy ElHomburgerGuy:
    I wish I could just ask for robux and people would give me some, but that's not how the mafia works man
  • abir2090 abir2090:
    i can't have robux
  • ElHomburgerGuy ElHomburgerGuy:
    Welp looks like we're stuck in stale mate
  • lmmy lmmy:
    dont need any robux until theres another 10-20k untradable item that shows up on the catalog
    ElHomburgerGuy ElHomburgerGuy: Hello