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  1. bigboypadilla9

    Rating your avatars from 10

  2. bigboypadilla9

    my rf ultimate tier list

    Is b tier good or bad?
  3. bigboypadilla9

    Any tip on having a clearer voice for my upcoming yt vids?

    It's going to be a voice-over. But both would be nice
  4. bigboypadilla9

    Any tip on having a clearer voice for my upcoming yt vids?

    I have some video ideas in mind that could be very interesting
  5. bigboypadilla9

    Basic GFX

    Well done!
  6. bigboypadilla9


  7. bigboypadilla9

    Your profile picture is awfully familiar

    Your profile picture is awfully familiar
  8. bigboypadilla9

    How Roblox can make devhunts decent.

    "I hope there's a roblox admin in here that actually sees this." Sadly no admins are probably gonna see this since it's not an official forum, still good job on the effort!
  9. bigboypadilla9

    Any tip on having a clearer voice for my upcoming yt vids?

    I want to speak in my videos and have confidence, but I can't speak clearly and have a very plain and boring voice. Do y'all have any sort of tips?
  10. bigboypadilla9

    60 robux giveaway

    i have joined
  11. bigboypadilla9

    TIME TRAVEL?!!!🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😱😱😱😱😱

    If anyone's curious about the coronavirus accounts created before the pandemic, they're most likely talking about either corona as in the beer, or corona which means crown and just put a year after it.
  12. bigboypadilla9

    noo my account got deleted

    Wait so did you rick roll the moderator or did the moderator rick roll you?
  13. bigboypadilla9

    i made a mc server

    While I was killing zombies, one of them dropped iron. Very cool.
  14. bigboypadilla9

    make 😳a reaction pleaseee

    very rare to get that reaction from someone without asking for it
  15. bigboypadilla9

    describe the person above you in 5 words (the long awaited sequel)

    a person with vip rank
  16. bigboypadilla9

    It's been 6 days, and it still hasn't come.

    They make you wait. You won't get it instantly. I still have 6 robux pending.
  17. bigboypadilla9


  18. bigboypadilla9

    Do You Like Weather

    I like when it's cold because I don't get as much insects and pests.
  19. bigboypadilla9