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    Need help. How do I weld a part to a CFrame?

    No, not a part. I want a part to be attached to a CFrame and move along just like it, by getting a WorldCFrame of an attachment. How do I weld the part exactly?
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    How to use serversided events/functions called trough a client in FE games

    Ever hated the new FE update because your games would not work? Welp, these two bad boys can help: https://www.robloxdev.com/api-reference/class/RemoteEvent https://www.robloxdev.com/api-reference/class/RemoteFunction These are called RemoteEvents and RemoteFunctions. How do they work...
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    New "alternate windows" idea

    Basically this idea is like do you know the window Roblox is in when you start the game? Well now you can clone that window and make it render a screengui! However, • Only 5 alternate windows can be created at a time to prevent window spam • Alternate windows last until the user closes the...
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    Something about a DAM ANNOYIN KID IN MY HOUSE

    So, once there was a D A M A N N O Y I N K I D I N M Y H O U S E. no srsly this kid makes me want to jump off a 100 meter high rooftop Anyways, back onto the story, you probably think: "Oh, it's just a child, cmon, leave it be, it'll stop, yadda yadda." It was around 4 yrs old. What annoying...