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  1. matieo33

    my friend thought the Canadian flag was Bulgarian lol

    The True Americans are those who don't know NA isn't the only continent
  2. matieo33

    Users with accounts younger than 10 days can give reactions, but not reaction score to the designated user.

    what exceptions though? there's just 1 exception which is an account that's older than 10 days.
  3. matieo33

    Lets tell ROBLOX to bring back the ROBLOX forums back!

    World doesn't revolve around you. Now let me pour you a nice cup of GET OVER IT
  4. matieo33

    rise of nations updated?

    feels kinda more "political" i'd say now. you tried to become napoleon? you are screwed cause I take 1/4 of your cities and 25% as war reparations
  5. matieo33

    What is the RIOT Corporation?

    one of bloxauthority's clones anyways, welcome!
  6. matieo33

    I did it guys

    i had about 280 wins before i bought the balloon and eventually the apple
  7. matieo33


    I feel bad for him
  8. matieo33

    Should I make an afk until 100k robux game?

    Making those games is a way how to lose all your reputation, respect and just waste time
  9. matieo33

    holy 💩, discord’s 6th birthday was a dumpster fire. [RANT]

    1620982925 oh anyways saying, the terrible way of giving away nitro was pretty much already for like years. year ago lots of people were angry on the stream because some bots were taking all the nitros, I aswell hated it and at some point they muted me for the whole stream
  10. matieo33

    roblox why

  11. matieo33

    roblox why

    replacing catalog with avatar shop was somewhat decent. but replacing games with "DiScOveR" is literally the worst thing ever
  12. matieo33

    2k messages

    fell for it!
  13. matieo33

    Give me Roblox Tower of Hell dares for a video!

    I dare you to complete the Tower of Hell but, you can only use one hand.
  14. matieo33

    Discord: Rebrands

  15. matieo33

    Trading pls ban nikola_ntojanowic cheting and kick me server

    message from your local bakery: This forum is an individually owned and operated online community designed for everyone. We are not associated with Roblox or the roblox trademark(s) and/or copyright(s) in anyway. message from your local factory: I doubt that's exploiting message from your...
  16. matieo33

    someone give me the spoopy reaction score

    florida man goes to heck
  17. matieo33

    Lets talk about my channel for a second

    anyways what's ur youtube channel
  18. matieo33

    Lets talk about my channel for a second

    Who are you?
  19. matieo33

    Hello sir I love democracy.

    Hello sir I love democracy.
  20. matieo33

    Roblox Clone wars has begun

    I guess yea.