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  1. S

    Possible rf game night add-on

    this is the perfect time to flex my napoleon outfit 😎
  2. S

    My classmates are super vulgar.

    most of the time, a devin de village is better than a worldwide my arena
  3. S

    im gonna DM my classmate(s) saying that dream is trash.

    if you bump into the wrong dream stan you aboutta here this playing
  4. S

    Emoji pfps?

    emoji is evil
  5. S

    look at my new dream cosplayy 💚🖤

  6. S

    People: Using emoji pfps

    me the omega chad: not even having a pfp despite "joining" in 2018
  7. S

    what time is it for u?

    7:36 EDT did people forget it's daylight savings or something
  8. S

    EA allegations

    smh how distasteful
  9. S

    If I change my roblox fourms name, what should it be?

    I highly doubt dream is gonna stay relevant for that long he's gonna end up like smosh
  10. S

    Why Vanoss (😎) is better than Dream (🤮)

    this is the truth
  11. S

    how many times have I done this?

    i've lost track of how many times i've stumbled across an old thread on accident and liked somebody's posts I usually go on somebody's profile, find a post, and see some drama thread and agree with people, thus liking their posts ONLY THEN DO I REALIZE THE POST WAS MADE IN MARCH sometimes I...
  12. S

    How get good reputaton?

    be helpful and nice is the best tactic to get people to not hate you
  13. S

    HolyHan caught in 4k.

    the very visible logo is right there on the screenshot, we all know it's deviant art
  14. S

    HolyHan caught in 4k.

    how unholy of him
  15. S

    i looked at my old pokemon memes, and read them. help please

    it's like i'm watching a young remainings
  16. S

    why did you have 21 notifs?

    why did you have 21 notifs?
  17. S

    did something bad happen yet?

    did something bad happen yet?