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    how many times have I done this?

    i've lost track of how many times i've stumbled across an old thread on accident and liked somebody's posts I usually go on somebody's profile, find a post, and see some drama thread and agree with people, thus liking their posts ONLY THEN DO I REALIZE THE POST WAS MADE IN MARCH sometimes I...
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    Rich people need to stop this large amount of impulsive buying

    Case Study 1: Louis Vuittion + Booze aka LVMH The CEO of LVMH recently became the richest man on Earth. All he does is prove rich people need to have their wallets taken away from them until they learn how to behave. He sells booze and overpriced handbags. How much do you think the profit...
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    do you clean your recycle bin?

    I need to know if anybody does actually clean it
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    great job paradox

    pictures explain enough
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    I have found out the truth

    hello gamers, I have uncovered a major truth women do not exist I have preached this statement for many months, yet without proof I have once thought that it took place in area 51, yet I have been proven wrong I have found the location of the women hologram factory it is in some random town in...
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    quitting rawblocks forum

    i'm quitting for 20 minutes because of toxicity *procedes to make 30 replies* hello guys it appears as if it has been 20 minutes I am back
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    bye lol

    i've decided to quit now i'll make this as short and sweet as possible, i'm quitting because everything on this forum is the same essentially this forum is questions and memes which is getting pretty boring if you wanna stay on here I won't care, but for now i'm gone and probably not coming back
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    how 2 be: an annoying forumer

    1. post useless replies all over 2. spam stuff (we're all guilty of this, aren't we?) 3. dislike bomb members 4. quit the forums a very large quanity of times 5. complain about dislikes 6. profit
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    eat rpg

    scott the woz: stonks
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    The Battle of Community - Games :The First RF War

    Cloudian forces, being pushed back to Videos & Music are horribly demoralized, the first battle of the war ends in a failure, and this failure would only be worse. After Joe Mama Industries opened much needed factories and farms, the air force has been regenerating much faster and efficiently...
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    the b-s-t subforum is a joke

    the b-s-t subforum is the biggest joke of a subforum i've ever seen you'd probably get more enjoyment from the sponsored subforum then going on that subforum, unless you count laughing from all the low quality posts on there from accounts that only exist to use that subforum one time, make a...
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    500 messages

    yay!!!! i got 500 messages!!!!! thank you all for attending my very emotional ted talk this fine evening, now I will go offline because i'm bored
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    oh look another economic recession

    if we just start BUILDING FACTORIES AND FARMS FOR ONCE AND STOP DEPENDING ON SOCKS WE MIGHT NOT BE IN ECONOMIC RECESSIONS ALL THE TIME so that's why i'm opening 50 high tech factories and 20 farms, plus we are now a clothing, technology, automotive, and energy company in addition to that my huge...
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    a shout out

    shout out to the guy with so much dedication in his soul to me he decided to reverse image search my avatar, look at my favorite games, see that I was in the game, and then proceed to troll me
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    qings i likke/gante't

    gatent panaple on gizza skool himtoiryt crangey gifs (inasert mpulibcanm/\deiuocgreat nommine yAYTTUYBVe yiutabe coe lkikke why tiko votes 44or damoartsby michael knolllwes baing unorginal qang dinnsatry for being uhghe n eipc
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    some pretty cool games were recently made public

    here's the link to them 1 2 3
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    2 MORE TO GO!

    @MrRobloxMcbloxy is currently at -298, THERE IS THE WORLD'S HIGHEST CHANCE THAT HE WILL EITHER REACH IT TODAY OR JUST NOT POST he's still horribily unfunny and hates everybody who doesn't like his posts, he still is a toxicity god, and he still will get made fun of today PRESENTING THE -300...
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    wikihow 2: copy a popular series

    1. make it a roblox game 2. use some name that sounds vaguely familar 3. make mediocre graphics 4. copy every idea 5. add different maps to make it your "own" 6. make some bag knowing that people will play your game because it's free
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    @MrRobloxMcbloxy is going to be the first man to get a -300 reaction score! He will get this reaction score due to being horribily unfunny and annoying, in addition to that some of his behavior could be considered toxic. Around 3 - 4 people are just ignoring him at this point and will continue...
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    top ten mathematical certainities

    1. riko becoming the president of the usa 2. cookie trying to be funny and serious at the same time 3. everybody forgetting about hellodoodie and dinox existing 4. I make another how 2 be 5. wikihow 2 returns today 6-10. other