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  1. trains

    Used the “best” strategy to beat Whitney in Pokémon crystal

    I spammed growl with my wooper and relied on luck lol 2 attempts
  2. trains

    Ok I quit politics and war lol

    I keep getting war declared on me, and that’s annoying cuz all I want to do is buy lots of cities and infrastructure lol
  3. trains

    quilava 😍

    I prefer totodile and its evolutions a lot more but the cyndaquil line is better for crystal so lol
  4. trains

    Bought Pokémon crystal and now I’m playing it I guess

    I’ve never played this before and I never wanted to play it so lol
  5. trains


    my mom said it was fine!!! Tysm mom also I’m so excited to use these new features n stuff!! Edit: I had to ask my mom if I could buy a visa gift card and then asked her if I could make a PayPal 😁
  6. trains

    recorded footage of roblox basketball because why not lol

    https://streamable.com/fps6ba 1. the sandile is used to censor stuff :) 2. i was listening to eterna city if you were wondering when i think i mentioned earbuds 3. the background noise is my dog and...im not willing to reveal lol 4. let me know if i was too lazy (or i just didnt notice...
  7. trains

    Among us phone wallpaper

  8. trains

    today i played roblox basketball and cried of laughter a bit too much

    i was kind of trolling as well lol honestly, im thinking about recording a video in that game too cuz i screamed and laughed a lot lol
  9. trains

    i looked at my old pokemon memes, and read them. help please

    first, idk if anything was inappropriate or something so please tell me bc i suck at editing videos and i didnt really edit anything. once again, please tell me if anything was inappropriate :( second, all of these are old and cringe so you're allowed to make fun of past me ;) third, i spoke 😳...
  10. trains


  11. trains


  12. trains

    i am frankie was a good nickelodeon show

    I don’t remember it very well, but I remember enjoying it A LOT. the concept of the show isn’t the best but the execution was good. I remember liking episodes from season 1 more than 2. frankie was the best character IMO plus she was a cool robot 😁 7.7/10, opinion will probably change if I get...
  13. trains

    henry danger is a bad nickelodeon show

    It’s a boring show and it’s filled with unenjoyable filler, I really don’t have much to say. I only watched the first one or two episodes of danger force or whatever it’s called though so I won’t talk about that. why does the episode Captain mom exist and wait why is it on my dvr, did I...
  14. trains

    the thundermans is a great nickelodeon show

    currently I’m binging it on paramount+ and it’s just how I remember, cringey scenes and a lot of filler. However, even filler episodes can be entertaining and I can enjoy most episodes. I remember loving the ending (back when I watched the premiere of the final episodes in I believe 2018) and...
  15. trains

    my opinion on snAPPLE (snapple apple juice)

    Tastes the most like an apple, probably one of, if not, the best apple juice I’ve had so far. 8.5/10
  16. trains

    Paramount+ is the best

    basically I can binge every nickelodeon show I love with all of the seasons included my whole life so far is a paramount+ advertisement 😍
  17. trains

    Word bomb is an easy game

    I won twice in a row 😆
  18. trains

    what did I just say

  19. trains


    Idk I just played Pokémon masters ex and this caught my eye lol
  20. trains

    The best and worst apple juice 😁😁😁

    1. great value apple juice from walmart - (best) 2. motts apple juice 3. Minute Maid apple juice 4. Tropicana apple juice - (worst) Tropicana tastes weird 🤢🤮