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  1. Cactus

    play this video at my funeral

  2. Cactus

    Fort Cactile - A Sci-Fi Game coming soon to ROBLOX

    Hey everyone! I'm currently working on a game called Fort Cactile, a Sci-Fi based showcase/interactive game where you can explore the main underground fort built by Lord Cactile in the land of Planet Cactaria. You can currently play what has been developed of the game, however the game is still...
  3. Cactus

    Seems legit

  4. Cactus

    I'll send a friend request to the first 5 users to reply

    it's true!!! just tell me your username, and i'll send a request. my username is: HotCactusALT
  5. Cactus

    Song of the Week (#1)

  6. Cactus

    Video of the Week (#1)

  7. Cactus

    I will edit the first image attached as a reply in any way you want

    be quick, there's only 1 space! tell me what you want me to do to it, and it'll be done. gl xxx
  8. Cactus

    what should i spend 12 robux on?

    i have 12 spare robux in my inventory, wat do?* *does not include donating to anyone
  9. Cactus

    what the earth really looks like

  10. Cactus

    Rate these images /10

    they're all made by me, none of them are me.
  11. Cactus

    i should probably explain myself

    well darn. looks like i can't keep a promise. but why? why did i say that i'd be more active, only then to do the exact opposite? well 2 reasons. 1. the day after i was last active i went to Northern Ireland to visit my family for 2 weeks. we were left with god-awful wifi since high-speed...
  12. Cactus

    Subscribe to my YT Channel kthxbye

    Link: bit.ly/Cacbyte ---------------------------------- if you wonder: "hye why shud I subscrob to yer youtoob channel???/" then here is your answer:
  13. Cactus

    Choose your preferred username!

    OR Choose your preferred username!
  14. Cactus

    Guess who's back

    'Tis your boy.. cactoos what did I miss?
  15. Cactus

    I'm alive! (Explanation and Questions)

    so i've been gone for 6 weeks. why? personal reasons that're relevant to loss of relatives. i came back with 120 notifications, most of them being mentions and follows. @Pepsi became a mod¹, so congrats to him and premium seemed to change with better offers and prices. noice. QUESTIONS: wag...
  16. Cactus

    Omar isn't from burger king

    It's true! I think
  17. Cactus

    Help me with maths for a cookie

    I need help with this question: A, B & C form a triangle where BAC = 90 degrees AB = 13.1mm and BC = 23.7mm Find the length of AC, giving your answer rounded to 1 decimal point. Any help?
  18. Cactus

    What should I change my signature to?

    I need something cool and snazzy choose an option from the poll kthxbye