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  1. Simple

    Send trades on over 17k value!

    Will respond and accept/counter all inbounds every 1 hour. So send me trades on good demand and normal demands!! https://www.roblox.com/Trade/TradeWindow.aspx?TradePartnerID=/498772726
  2. Simple

    Story time

    This forum game is about creating a story by adding one word every posts. So for example you copy and paste what the previous person has in his reply and add a word behind. You cant respond to yourself so you would have to wait until someone adds a word to your reply post. The story starts now...
  3. Simple

    Joining as guest?

    I tried joining a server in trade hangout but it redirects me to the NBC version as a GUEST. I keep retrying but still it makes me join as a guest. How to fix this?
  4. Simple

    How to make another account of same email?

    How? I screwed up my name and now I wanna make another account with the same email.