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  1. KingDeeGM

    I don't really like Furries.

    i just don't.
  2. KingDeeGM

    How to get more Robux for the same amount of money

    Step 1. Have 10 Bucks Step 2. Instead of buying 800 Robux, buy Premium Tier 2 if you don't have it. Step 3. Get 1,000 Robux instead of 800, and have multiple cool features as well.
  3. KingDeeGM

    YouTube has been ruined by COPPA.

    Why don't we all band together, cancel YouTube, then move to Newgrounds. We can get Fulp to add a monetization feature to Newgrounds if one doesn't already exist.
  4. KingDeeGM

    Which one? Liminal Space or Weirdcore?

    Choose only one
  5. KingDeeGM

    Guess what OS I use!

    Guesss what I use! I don't use Linux, so you know that.
  6. KingDeeGM

    I had an old post about this user named Lightwolf678.

    About 9 months back, I took over a group named "Lightwolf678 is a noob group". I wanted to see why she had so much hate. If you know her, or the guy who was harassing her, or even any of the old users from the group, I need contact to know this mystery.
  7. KingDeeGM


    Okay so I just looked at the Dapper Narwhal, and this is what I saw. 1620869104 OLD SPORT?
  8. KingDeeGM

    Does anyone have an invite key for Finobe?

    I am sick of using Novetus for 2012 Roblox.
  9. KingDeeGM

    Alright let's continue our investigation.

    In a previous post, I requested information on Roblox user Lightwolf678. Her only forum post involved someone named ScarXD (aka Scarbotic and Commander_Scar). I need information on him as well. I want to solve the mystery of Lightwolf678.
  10. KingDeeGM

    Skate 3 was cool

    Skate 3 and Roblox Skateboarding were pretty cool. I play Skate 3 on my Xbox One (backwards compatibility).
  11. KingDeeGM

    I need information on a user

    So this user has not logged on since 4 years ago. Their name is Lightwolf678. I took over a group that says that Lightwolf is a noob. I went to the first few posts of the group and someone said they hated Lightwolf. Any info?
  12. KingDeeGM

    How to go back to 2011-2014 (kinda)

    1. Jailbroken ipod touch 4th-5th gen 2. Mac OS Mountain Lion-Yosemite/Windows 8/8.1 3. Skype 4. iTunes 10/3uTools
  13. KingDeeGM


    pasta pizza
  14. KingDeeGM

    I miss classic roblox

    The roblox from 2009-2015 was so fun. Yes, I know my account joined in 2017, but I used to play as a guest back in 2014.