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  1. InvalidPerson1245

    Best song lyrics ever!

    🎵Spiderman🎵 🎵Spiderman🎵 🎵Spiderman🎵 🎵Spiderman🎵 🎵Spiderman🎵 🎵Spiderman🎵 🎵Spiderman🎵 🎵Spiderman🎵 🎵Spiderman🎵 🎵Spiderman🎵 🎵Spiderman🎵 🎵Spiderman🎵 🎵Spiderman🎵 🎵Spiderman🎵 🎵Spiderman🎵 🎵Spiderman🎵 🎵Spiderman🎵 🎵Spiderman🎵 🎵Spiderman🎵 🎵Spiderman🎵
  2. InvalidPerson1245

    The End.

    My Akira from Wii Sports Club channel? Google has completely locked me out of it. Like, anything I do is just, not working So the last resort, accept my loss This is the end of something I really enjoyed doing and thanks to everybody on this forum that has watched my videos
  3. InvalidPerson1245

    Roblox beauty standards

    This will primarily focus on boys because the boy's beauty standards in roblox are worse than the girls Boys must: be 6 foot. no exceptions. Cut off either their left or right leg (completely remove or skin it alive so only the bone is there) Or freeze their left or right leg so ice grows...
  4. InvalidPerson1245

    Going into condo games and ruining people's lives as Yunyun

    lol Posting updates about people's day being ruined
  5. InvalidPerson1245

    Yunyun REAL???? (NOT CLICKBAIT)

  6. InvalidPerson1245

    I have been preventing this from happening

  7. InvalidPerson1245


    So me and my sister were just browsing disney plus so we can watch some disney and then she saw my pfp was forky as in forky from toy story 4 and she said "You're trash" and it took 0.1 seconds for her to realize what she just said
  8. InvalidPerson1245

    Roblox Condos: Their Impact on architecture as a whole

    After some research, all roblox condos go for a "vibe," "modern" feel to them, and not a lot of things are traditional. Vibe as in purple lights, carpet, bean bags and modern furniture that is minimalistic
  9. InvalidPerson1245

    Great news for everyone! You now unlocked the following abilities: Poop

    In my game i made a toilet and now all robloxians can go use the bathroom perfection
  10. InvalidPerson1245

    Lookin cute

  11. InvalidPerson1245

    Welp, off to visit my gravestone because I killed myself

    Reading all the dog man books are almost funny not becuase of the jokes because it seems like your average book for like a 10 year old until you finished the second one and then starting from the 3rd one the books just go from funny to... somehow deep They are like full of questioning morality...
  12. InvalidPerson1245

    For now onm I;m going to post with no tone indicators

    Am i joking? Who knows Am I serious? I... I don't know...
  13. InvalidPerson1245


    when people say "i hate new roblox" like 85% of the examples they gave was slenders which is like how does that affect YOU personally let them be them and also, Denis quitting was HIS decision and not you to judge
  14. InvalidPerson1245

    But why is zalgo not allowed

    Wy though
  15. InvalidPerson1245

    How did people entertain themself in 1901

    Like what do people even do back then actually use their imagination?? We got sims for that get with the times literally