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  1. Simple

    Send trades on over 17k value!

    Will respond and accept/counter all inbounds every 1 hour. So send me trades on good demand and normal demands!! https://www.roblox.com/Trade/TradeWindow.aspx?TradePartnerID=/498772726
  2. Simple

    Selling Lowballing limited (20k+ below previous seller)

    That item has low demand lol.
  3. Simple

    Why roblox should add tix back and don't add Anthro

    Lol I know what tix is mate. You're probably one of them 2017ers that wished tix were a thing. How sad D:
  4. Simple

    Why roblox should add tix back and don't add Anthro

    Your post is bait. How does tix make roblox money?
  5. Simple

    why do people do this on roblox

    Bait trash posting. Please leave the forums.
  6. Simple

    Easy ways to get robux?

    Scam people.
  7. Simple

    Still not the same as the old forum...

    Do you happen to be BillyBob on Roblox?
  8. Simple

    New Forum Sections

    No lol. There are already too many categories and most of them doesn't get messages. So no.
  9. Simple

    Trading shouldn't be BC exclusive

    Mate the quanitity of limiteds is relevant to this. Imagine if you could trade pal hair or anything. That means I get pal hair for free when I create an account and I can just trade it for a shaggy which costs 200 robux. Though it would be neat if you can trade non limiteds due to the fact there...
  10. Simple

    Need shirt creators, Paying 100R$ Per item.

    **** I don't know how to make shirts. Otherwise its a deal.
  11. Simple

    Anyone want it

    First off you can't trade non-limiteds. Second off, that one of the 4 hats you get when you buy OBC. 3rd off, its worth about 20 dollars as thats how much OBC is but it is one time.
  12. Simple

    everyone selling a President Doge?

    How many limiteds do you have? If so what are all of the limiteds you own?
  13. Simple

    Hello people

    Hello people
  14. Simple

    Story time

  15. Simple

    Who hates me to death

    Well I can't say because I hardly know you. So I don't hate you **yet**
  16. Simple

    Story time

    Sorry you can't end the story with 3 words. Forum game: the
  17. Simple


    Welcome to the forums! Its a little inactive noe but when more people join, it will be a great place to forum.
  18. Simple

    there's a _____ in my soup!!!

    Theres a...ehhh..ehh a Mushroom in my soup?
  19. Simple

    Trading shouldn't be BC exclusive

    Besides there are cheap limiteds that one can get. Also a limited with 500 in stock means no more than 500 people can own the limited.