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  1. Uncool

    Have any suggestions for me?

    Do you guys know any good animes?
  2. Uncool

    What is everyone doing this summer?

    What is everyone doing his summer I'm going to go to Chicago and to the beach!
  3. Uncool

    Who Else is in school?

    Who else is in school?
  4. Uncool

    I'd just like to know

    Who plays adopt me here?
  5. Uncool

    Can you join my group?

    I have just created a group, and here the link Click Here
  6. Uncool

    Here's the logo

  7. Uncool

    Click The Link

    Click Here for my group in roblox.
  8. Uncool

    What should I call it?

    I was thinking about making a group in Roblox, but I don't know what to call it. I want it to have Uncool in it or something like it. Any ideas on what to do or what to call it?
  9. Uncool

    Did you know?

    Did you know that the fastest Roller Coaster in the world is the Formula Rossa with a speed of 149mph and the tallest is the KingDa Ca standing at 456ft?
  10. Uncool


    Hi 😀