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  1. Moptus

    Say Hello To Moptus.

    Moptus Overly-Exaggerates she Abuses the Word "Amogus" and "Man" She Also Makes So Many Quotes that she Can't Keep Track She acts 12 Don't be Like Moptus. 1626607508 coolcat simps for moptus 1626607733
  2. Moptus

    Flamingo is Unfunny.

    DISCLAIMER! This is an Opinion, If it Goes Toward Anyone It's just a post I wanted to share on How I feel About Flamingo Flamingo is on the Age Probability of 12 He relies on screaming every 5 seconds to be funny. He has a nice Fan-base for Younger Audiences Generally, He's a pretty cool guy.
  3. Moptus

    How to Get Away with a Murder. (MM2)

    Leave Fingerprints, I mean leave Fingerprints everywhere. Touch every fricken thing you see You: There's no such thing as fingerprints in Murder Mystery 2? I'm overly exaggerating B) If Innocent ---------------------- Scream Loud, and slam your keyboard, If on mobile, Throw your phone in water.
  4. Moptus

    How to be an egg dog.

  5. Moptus

    How Roblox avatars look like to me.

    1623205976 This is so cursed.
  6. Moptus

    Turning 18 In September 27.

    Welp, my teenage times are gonna end Well, that's done. I swear, I wanna stay with my mother.
  7. Moptus

    Finally back on the forums

    Hello, how is everyone I don't think anyone remembers me sad. doesn't matter ill make new Friends.
  8. Moptus

    So i was playing sims 3

    So I was playing sims 3, my sims left their newborn on the ground for 12 hours 1622960588 Sims 3 moment?!?!?!??!
  9. Moptus

    How is everyone?

    I'm Currently doing good hope everyone else is too.
  10. Moptus

    I am back.

    I'm back my friends, sorry for the late arrival.
  11. Moptus

    Slender poem

    12 is what u are originality isn't true you scare me and other do to
  12. Moptus

    Copy N Paste Poem

    12 is what u are Copy is what you do Paste is what u say and you act really rude.
  13. Moptus

    Im a sociopath!

    The world isn't sad The world's funny! I get it now I'm a sociopath! I saw an old man slip and fall, heyyyy what a ***** I saw a woman at her daughter's funeral... ha ha ha! Classic comedy I saw a little boy drop his ice cream cone, directly on his mother's corpse I saw a kitten stuck in a...
  14. Moptus

    Stop watching anime

    Become a real man
  15. Moptus

    Online Dating On Roblox

    Ok, I Swear if you have sexual feelings for a BLOCKY CHARACTER this is the weirdest fetish ive ever seen yeah some avatars may be cute BUT WHAT THE FRICK MAN CHILL get a real girl 1615570904 I BET THIS ISNT EVEN A FETISH
  16. Moptus

    What im doing this friday

    Femboy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Moptus

    I Was On Top Of The Tier List

    I am cool (Confirmed) How Do I Feel: I Was just scrolling down on the forums and i saw someone posted a tier list i was like ooh lets see I was on top of the tier list so i felt epic. R.I.P the people who were not on there
  18. Moptus

    Imagine Reading A Post OwO

    Imagine reading a post, but over the course of it the quality seems to deteriorate and it gets wose an wose, where the swenetence stwucture and gwammer rewerts to a pwoint of uttew non swence, an u jus dont wanna wead it anymwore (o´ω`o) awd twa wol owdewl iws jus awfwul (´・ω・`);. ... (Totally...
  19. Moptus

    mark my words

    i totally did not steal a forum post from someone and repost it tee hee
  20. Moptus

    What I Went Through When I Was 12

    So Its been 5 years after since i was 12, This is what i went through 1: Made A Discord Underage 2: Trying to get attention 3: Found out i had Adhd 4: Went Through Depression 5: Missed My Friends 6: Got Grounded for like 5 months 7: My phone broke by my older sister on accident 8: did not have...