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    what will your last words be

    "FATALITY Teddi Wins" In MK Voice, then I dead.
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    im zac 👍

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    What Do You Guys Think About Roblox Voice Chat?

    I am down with it. I am still wonder how censoring and how the whole voice chat concept would work.
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    Hello, I'm uh.. new.

    Hello! Welcome!
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    Roblox Toys

    Wait adopt me has guns in it? Lol
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    What game other than Roblox have you been playing recently and what do you like about it?

    Borderlands 3 I am into it to finish the story plus Fun to play friends
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    Why do you use ROBLOX?

    Ikr XD
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    Rate my avatar from 10

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    Face translator!

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    Why do you use ROBLOX?

    To have fun and relax!
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    my sister identifying states

    I mean almost same tho
  12. T


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    What is the best roblox event in your opinion?

    Easter Events were where it was at!
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    I would love to check ya out!
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    I like them they are really wholesome! I know a few people that make scp videos as well!
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    Thanks for the welcome! 1617913501 oooo nice! I would love to see your work :)
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    Rn I am playing rp games But I enjoy variety of games. It all depends on what my audience watches and what I enjoy playing. You? 1617913310 Luigi, Is that you?
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    Trading Overlook Bay Trades?

    I am just wondering if there is a trading community for overlook bay on here. If not I will go back in to the shadows of the bear cave. :)
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    Twitter is becoming reddit

    Not yet I think twitter's transformation will complete when they allow editing post on twitter.
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    No My friend made it for me

    No My friend made it for me