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  1. Raichu

    THE 6TH ANNUAL BLOXY AWARDS *a meme thats actually happening*

    This years bloxy awards was just jailbreak and meep city WELL THE 6TH ANNUAL MEME AKA BLOXY AWARDS ARE HERE My friend will actually stream this as a meme no joke on twitch and youtube HIS YOUTUBE:http://bit.ly/MyBestFriendsYoutube his twitch is familypokemonfnaf But Nominations are not over We...
  2. Raichu

    How did you find out about This Forum

    I came here from a typicalmodders video he put the link in the description
  3. Raichu

    RPokemon failed so I think I’m going to make a new game

    You all remember Rpokémon if you know who i am Now a lot of people didn’t like it And a lot of people also think that it could be better but they liked it So I’m going to make a game A Pokémon battle game Inspired by Pokémon brick bronze It is called Pokébattle! And also if your reading this...
  4. Raichu


    Here is a guide if your getting bullied its for new users when your out and public call a bully a *Billy
  5. Raichu

    Who hates me to death

    IF YOU HATE MY GAMES:You hate meh If you think my game is trashy:You want to kill me If you want to murder me:Your horrible GET HELP
  6. Raichu

    Rpokemon IS HERE

  7. Raichu

    I have a signature

  8. Raichu

    R15 R6 Now introducing RPokemon

    Welcome peeps I have been working on a new project For pokemon Introducing! RPokemon! You may now chose to be a raichu Pikachu or charzarid