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  1. B

    what is the size for the logo thing

    you need help
  2. B

    Cheap Clothing

    lmao no thank you
  3. B


    maybe talk to the guys and gals over at v3rm
  4. B

    Need Robux?

    no NO NO NO NO
  5. B

    can I work here?

    Maybe if you don't ask someone will see that you are doing some good and then look at you :)
  6. B

    Name of Roblox Account

    I'm not following you you 9 y/o beggar.
  7. B


  8. B

    The most epic reply will win your user into my game! (I will add it :-D)

    Uh well - I script - but you know If both your parents get a sex-change, does that make them transparent?