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  1. noobkilla123

    whats faze and optic

    just stop impersonaing plz its not allowed on the rules
  2. noobkilla123

    exposing bigboypadillia

    https://robloxforum.com/threads/im-sick-and-tired-of-the-roblox-community.82153/ on here he said he liked slenders and said we should ignore slenders but dont plz slenders are bad and are ruining roblox. we should stop slenders insteadd of ignoring it plz.
  3. noobkilla123

    my staff appilcation

    Age: 10 Roblox username: noobusednotname1337 Why would you like to be a member of staff: i can ban bad people which is every one on here How active are you on this forum: im alot active When did you join this forum: a year ago Are all your interactions helpful: yes alot helpful i help every...
  4. noobkilla123

    I FINDED robux dupe hack

    go on roblox and press ctrl+w will open insect element then change number from 0 to 9999999
  5. noobkilla123

    applying for verify rank

    i have a youtube channel and i was wondering admins if i can get verify rank :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpyqF9HgZU4mlydTwY0upMA my channel
  6. noobkilla123

    subscribe to my channel so i can reach 10000 subscribers

  7. noobkilla123

    i updated my game epic itense obby updated 2

    https://www.roblox.com/games/6726449988/epic-intense-obby-updated-2 it is better now i made it biggest and i added gamepass pls donate and vip server go buy it thanks https://www.roblox.com/game-pass/17191744/donate
  8. noobkilla123

    i made my first game go play pls

    https://www.roblox.com/games/6726449988/epic-intense-obby i worked hard on it so please donate and thank you like it its hard so
  9. noobkilla123

    can i have free ultra rank

    plz i cant buy it
  10. noobkilla123

    i still think tix should be added

    i do not care what you think because im gonna hack tix back onto roblox for free
  11. noobkilla123

    stop being mean pls

    what did i do to you 1609886508 im sorry
  12. noobkilla123

    can i have 100 robux

    theres gamepass i wanted and its rly expesive can someone give robux so i can buy the gamepass
  13. noobkilla123

    reasons why adopt me should be banned

    ok so if adding tix is bad just remove adopt me 1. it is for stuipid babies 2. it crashes the website roblox.com 3. no more scammers 4. no more dumb kid spending 95429548 robux on adopt me ok if u hate then ur not right this time i think anyone can agree this time with that adopt me is bad for...
  14. noobkilla123

    reasons why tix should be added back

    1. nobody get free robux with out buying it so like you can get daily tix like maybe 20 a day 2. it will make people happy because they cant buy robux 3. people who make game will be richer so yes please add it back