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  1. Grak2211

    what the hecc is this scam bot apocalypse

    **** someone is really trying to scam the hecc out of these forums
  2. Grak2211

    tell me your best jokes here

    what does a mathematician do while watching a football match? he COUNTS for a victory haha funni
  3. Grak2211


    I CANNOT BE STOPPED 9 MINS aw man im still shaking i need to cool down OooOOooh man
  4. Grak2211

    i am losing brain cells

    so my classmate today decided to prove to everone in the classroom that they are superior in every way possible so basically my teacher asked something and oH so miss genius decided to speak up and said -the anwser is "yes she are" ok i understand that everone makes mistakes but ITS 8TH...
  5. Grak2211


    last jump and i have guaranteed victory the thing is its the hardest jump wish me luck 1630777187 why is this in trading
  6. Grak2211

    Motivate me

    Ok so i've been stuck here for like 2 hours and im running out of motivation i died aroud 230 times now. i am pretty far but i feel like i cannot do this help game: (1) THE IMPOSSIBLE OBBY - Roblox stage: White 1630178675 no motivation for me i guess
  7. Grak2211

    my toh speedrun

    e speedrun toh noob tower 6 segments 1:04:80 - YouTube give me e in the replies
  8. Grak2211

    Its my friends b day

    Can everone type 'happy b-day dominikow' or something, it would make his day
  9. Grak2211

    eeey its my b-day anyone wanna join me?

    i have follow on just in case Grak's b-day place - Roblox
  10. Grak2211

    Post your funni storys here

    My funni story: so once at 10 pm i went for drink cus i was thirsty so without looking i grab first good juice and just drank it, it was super strange but i didnt care since i was super thirsty, like 45 mins later i hear my dad shout to my uncle" Hey where did all the beer go?! Im pretty sure i...
  11. Grak2211


    Special thanks to @1Sugar @fes And @YS0
  12. Grak2211

    I think i might've started accidentally some trend

    Once i joined the forum i was the only active artist after a while @1Sugar came, now people see how popular it is to be an artist and want to become one too, so far i saw like 5 new artists. Not sure if im the purpose of this but what im sure of is that i like this trend
  13. Grak2211


    : D
  14. Grak2211

    Drawing your roblox avatars ( again )

    Yeah so basically i tried couple new things like folding, shading or drawing body properly and i think im ready to draw your avatars... And yes its free... also click if you wanna see the full image
  15. Grak2211

    I will draw your roblox avatar for free

    here is an example of how i draw: