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  1. dustydan2

    Stories from school Part 5

    So this story happened 1 or 2 days ago, so it was pretty recent. Also, I will post an episode whenever because school drama isn't scheduled, and if I waited a couple of days to post an episode, I might have forgotten about the situation. You may have also have noticed that (if you say my last...
  2. dustydan2

    New maze game I made

    https://web.roblox.com/games/7043290416/The-Inescapable-Maze I spent a week or so on it so I hope you like it :) Also, the game is very hard. All stages are completely possible
  3. dustydan2

    Stories from school part 4

    I know it's been a while since I've made an episode, but trust me, it was worth the waiting. So this story was about something that 3 or more schools know about. I will not give any spoilers until you have seen the story. Ok, lets go back to the beginning: 9/30/21 (yesterday) We got a phone...
  4. dustydan2

    What was the longest you've ever slept in one night?

    After being incredibly tired from school, and going to bed at 11:00 PM I slept 12 HOURS. 11:00 PM - 11:00 AM the next day.
  5. dustydan2


    I'm making this thread about something that happened about 9 months ago. [DISCLAIMER] this story might be a little gross, so click off now if you want to avoid the potential risk of hurling. without further of do, lets get right into it. 12/06/20 10:15 PM I was asleep in my bed, when I am...
  6. dustydan2

    Stories from school part 3

    I forgot to do yesterdays so I'm adding it in this thread too. Also, my school isn't incredibly messed up, it just only one group of kids. Another note: I might make this weekly so that I have enough stories to go around. Okay, on to the story: So this happened about two or so weeks ago, we...
  7. dustydan2

    Stories From School part 2

    This is going to be a daily series where I list the crazy things that happen at my school. I've already mentioned some of these stories in other threads, but I will go into more detail here. SPOILER: this thread is going to be gross. click off now if you don't want to vomit. This happened on...
  8. dustydan2

    Story's From School part 1

    Story's From School part 1 There were a few people involved in this situation (6 I think. but only 3 matter) 9/8/21 at around 1:15 I was in the cafeteria, eating lunch, talking to friends, the whole shabang. What I don't know at this current point in time is the situation happening right then...
  9. dustydan2

    I can't post images

    Whenever I click on the "Insert Image" thing it pops up as the "Insert URL" thing instead. does anybody know how to fix this? edit: I realized that you can either post an image by a file from your computer, or a URL, But it's stuck on the URL tab, and I can't change it.
  10. dustydan2

    first thread on new computer

    2 days ago I got a new computer tower, it's a little old, but it still works. I didn't look inside it that much, so the I might leave out a few specs. Geforce GT 220 video card 8 GB of memory 2.9 GHZ core speed 600 GB disc drive intel i3 core (I think) Considering that my old laptop (which I...
  11. dustydan2

    Add more trophys

    A lot of people on the forums have gotten 1000 messages and 500 reaction score, so I thought to myself "Why not add some more?" For example, when you hit 10000 messages, you would get, say, 50 trophy points. Also when you hit 5000 reaction score, you could get 50 as well. If this idea causes...
  12. dustydan2

    r. i. p.

    my betta fish just died :( 7/18/18 - 8/15/21 he was 3 years old
  13. dustydan2

    2,000 messages

    looking back on the thread about 1k I was shocked that I could get 1000 and though it was impossible to get 2k well here we are celebrating about it thank you all for supporting me on my way to 2k and I thank every single one @CrazyExperience @1Sugar @FarmCacti @caci @coolcat @riko...
  14. dustydan2

    The event is starting now!

    I am celebrating 1000 days on ROBLOX, see you there! Game link The event will close at 2:30 PM EST
  15. dustydan2

    Guess my age

    The winner will receive a pm saying that you guessed it correctly, and a sneak peek of an event I'm gonna host!
  16. dustydan2

    Check out my new maze game!

    https://web.roblox.com/games/7043290416/The-Inescapable-Maze It is REALLY hard, hence the name inescapable.
  17. dustydan2

    check out my games

    https://web.roblox.com/users/846255521/profile#!/creations feel free to give constructive criticism because idk how to build games
  18. dustydan2

    3-month anniversary

    yay (will anybody give me rep)
  19. dustydan2

    HUGE Storm

    Right where I live and right now, a supercell spawned in front of my house and I SAW the circulation. I saw the leaves get ripped off trees and it was the scariest storm I have ever seen in my life. And to think I was playing on a trampoline 15 minutes earlier. We got thunder, lightning, 55+ mph...
  20. dustydan2

    1k messages

    yas. When I first started my account I thought 1000 messages was impossible. Now here I am making a thread about it. Mods please don't oof me for spamming, I'm not intentionally doing it. Me after realizing I hit 1000 messages: