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  1. Per

    Ask RF: Weirdest glitch you’ve experienced in ROBLOX.

    title mine is in jtoh, i was trying to beat CoLS, then i fell, i fell all the way to the bottom, but then i bounced to floor 7. (16 floors in the citadel btw) i got kicked when i touched the win pad for skipping a few checkpoints 😢 chances are @Grak2211 will be the only one to understand this...
  2. Per

    ask ar eff: plz gimme ideas 😭

  3. Per

    drawing of mario (made by me)

  4. Per

    wuz teh website down?

  5. Per

    spamton is dr doofenschmirtz

    Long nose.. pretty small.. has a weird way of speaking… giant smile.. Long nose.. pretty short, giant smile, has a pretty weird way of speaking.. OH MY GOD SPAMTON IS DR DOOFENSCHMIRTZ
  6. Per

    halweenie picture for @paintball

  7. Per

    halloween profile picture for cookie

  8. Per

    Come trick or treat with me in ROBLOX and 7 other people!

    https://web.roblox.com/games/7747354824/Trunk-Or-Treat join
  9. Per

    where is website where i sang songs with my real voice?

    where plz send it
  10. Per

    give picture and i will make it so you say “eeek!!” at the picture

    Totally original and not inspired by @TrashUser- aw shoot per you did it again example: title
  11. Per

    500 reaction score AOI (basically a Q&A)

    title thanks plz
  12. Per

    braces n’ glasses

    thats right i have braces and glasses now nerd
  13. Per

    want some anime plush memes to look at

    search it up plz that will be u
  14. Per


    so i was scrolling around trains’ profile and i found this riko, crazyexperience, doodie, burger, and 8 rakmishaks ok @riko time for a new profile picture hahahahaahhxdeytrtyuweguywbex
  15. Per

    500 likes special.

    What, you thought I was doing a special? No, that’s to get peoples attention to visit this thread. Take:
  16. Per

    can somebody edit my head into the middle of this spiral?

    your reward is a good song
  17. Per

    Fission Mailed.

    But wait. Play this until 8 seconds then scroll down.
  18. Per


  19. Per

    Hi i brother of per and hi

    u all noob and i hack like really soon!! per teach me how do thread and i hack all on 1 month and 3 days………………………… 😈 be ware!! Hahahaahhahahahahahaahahahahaha