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  1. FaZecookie

    A stupid comic strip I made part 2: soap-cacti edition

    dude you need to make more of these they’re so funny and cool my first profile post would be perfect for this lmao
  2. FaZecookie

    any steam game recommendations?

    i just looked it up and the next sale starts in 2 days so yay i joined just in time and to everyone else ty for the recommendations, i cant get to them right now since i can’t currently access my computer but when i get home i’ll look at all of the recommendations
  3. FaZecookie

    Being able to set a date for a thread to be locked

    at first i thought this was about extending the time before a thread gets locked but this actually makes a lot more sense. especially for stuff like “i’ll draw your avatars” because even though the thread owner said that they’re done drawing, people can still reply to it anyway and randomly bump...
  4. FaZecookie

    rf gamenight voting!

    i could do that but we might not have enough time thanks for the suggestion though
  5. FaZecookie

    sorry for posting this 13 minutes after my last post but whtatGYSFH?FD????

    No. Just no. Please put me out of my misery. I am done.
  6. FaZecookie

    rf gamenight voting!

    everyone, just a clarification here; you don’t submit your own games for the other option! you just state what games on my original post in this thread you wanted to pick. i only did this because i couldn’t fit every option on the poll. the time to submit games was yesterday. ok thanks bye
  7. FaZecookie

    rf gamenight voting!

    it’s time to vote for the games all of you submitted! you can vote up to 3 picks for games you want to play. the top 3 most voted games will be played, with the most voted being played first. choose wisely! i couldn’t fit every game into the poll, so if you vote any of the games on the poll...
  8. FaZecookie

    help i have an exam after 3 hours what do i do

    then either keep studying or give yourself a break
  9. FaZecookie

    any steam game recommendations?

    one of my other friends suggested that but thanks, it seems pretty interesting
  10. FaZecookie

    any steam game recommendations?

    idk if i’ll really want the sims 3 as i alresdy have the sims 4 and i find the sims games kinda complicated and not for me
  11. FaZecookie

    I carried a mat vs i married a cat

    what about a cat from the cats movie
  12. FaZecookie

    I will draw your avatars I guess?

  13. FaZecookie

    any steam game recommendations?

    my brother already bought that one so i can just play his copy, plus i have it on other platforms too but i can confirm stardew valley is rlly good
  14. FaZecookie

    any steam game recommendations?

    seems interesting, i added it to my wishlist
  15. FaZecookie

    any steam game recommendations?

    eh, this isn't really my thing to be honest no offense but it's just not my thing lmao
  16. FaZecookie

    any steam game recommendations?

    i looked at all of the games and g mod sounds interesting i added it to my wishlist thank you very much
  17. FaZecookie

    this is barely a problem on this website but it still annoys me

    agreed, the amount of people per page is so small like.. use up the real estate on the screen? idk
  18. FaZecookie

    Does anyone know any good roblox stats sites?

    this page shows the status of roblox servers https://status.roblox.com/ this page was promoted by @stonerovan in the past before, it shows roblox music codes https://robloxsong.com/ that's all i can think of but i'm sure people can find more
  19. FaZecookie

    any steam game recommendations?

    i have $50 to spend on steam from my gift card any ideas on what games to get? any games you recommend? i can't really pinpoint what genres i like so give me anything my favorite games on roblox are fe2, sandbox, and toh, so do with that what you will, maybe i can find something i'm trying to...
  20. FaZecookie

    My unimportant opinion on social media websites

    i agree with you here a lot. ever since twitter implemented the longer character limit and making chains/threads of replies for stuff you wanna say, it feels like people spew out their opinion and start arguments because of this. i never experienced when social media platforms were chill in the...