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  1. caci

    drop your Spotify wrapped

    imagine asking (couldn't be me)
  2. caci

    drop your Spotify wrapped

    People who want a platform for specifically music so they can find playlists for literally any type of song (and people who want to discover new artists, since Spotify prioritizes that over most things which is great) Anyway wrong opinions aside here's mine And I was kinda impressed about...
  3. caci

    drop your Spotify wrapped

    I'm surprised your top artists are appropriate for RF
  4. caci

    I bought the Valve Complete Pack

    best choice you'll ever make i also got the same pack last year when it was on sale.. definitely worth the price
  5. caci

    This fake account has been banned and I can't log in to my main account now, are the two things related?

    You can still log into banned accounts so your password might've been changed without your knowledge
  6. caci

    My favorite PBS show

    PBS = Peanut butter sandwich
  7. caci

    I just betrayed two friends.

    i sleep in class quite a lot but no one notices because my hair covers my eyes lol
  8. caci

    KonekoKittens thumbnails:

  9. caci

    Stop saying "I'm gay" or "I'm trans"

    How am I supposed to tell the difference between gay people and serial killers now?
  10. caci

    this is new..

    Nah that's always been there, the button was just a different colour
  11. caci

    users ranked by youtube talent

    soggyburgers F- tier?? ratio
  12. caci

    Where did "moderation updates" go to?

    If you mean the threads, they were deleted since I moved all of their contents to the Rules thread anyway
  13. caci

    Ok catboy

    Ok catboy
  14. caci


  15. caci

    New Caci Discord Server!! (soggy mode) (everyone allowed!)

    seems to work for me and others, and you're definitely not banned try using this code? 9af8vjyz
  16. caci

    New Caci Discord Server!! (soggy mode) (everyone allowed!)

    Old discord server got killed by the owner (some German guy) Here's the new one! https://discord.gg/nqPTV9jNSn All is welcome (even flyvt)
  17. caci

    Remember Me?

    Understandable have a good day
  18. caci

    Remember Me?

    Prove it, how old are you 🤔 And yes I used to be cactus
  19. caci

    Remember Me?

    Are you sure?
  20. caci

    What would you do if a toxic player joined your game

    Beat him with a stick.