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    Say me your opinion about italians

    As an italian lets talk about us
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    I will draw your avatars

    Send me your avatars and get fun seeing me and my mouse suffering!
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    Will funky friday be deleted with new roblox rules?

    Roblox relesed a new update, and the new rules includes ''no touching hand'' Monika and senpai animation:touching hand. Can ff grìet banned/deleted for this?
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    I am drawing everything you want with a mouse

    Send me on this page everything you want. I will draw it with paint.net desktop program
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    What is the most fun Roblox game?

    I was searching some fun game,on my raccomanded setcion there is funky friday, Arsenal, Phantom Forces, Bloxburg and other random games that are based on memes or with 10 players. What i should play?