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  1. Fearborne

    Players and everything freezes.

    it's probably ROBLOX's client being funky wunky, happens sometimes ROBLOX servers are doodoo, if not then it's your wifi
  2. Fearborne

    Some roblox game caps my fps to 1fps.

    Your GPU is dying.
  3. Fearborne

    What do you hate most in roblox

    The fact that ROBLOX takes no effort to advertise or even give obscure games alike mine or others a chance. I will never be as good as asimo because i never caught on as much as he did, neither will any other devs.
  4. Fearborne

    I am done🤯

    Why is it on a million-foot pillar, and why does the other room have no floor?
  5. Fearborne

    Christmas Clothing Store with Matching Sweaters and Avatar Outfit Ideas

    So, i tried it. A volume option for the music would be nice, along with a little bit more empty space or buildings, where it isn't just terrain. Otherwise, it's not terrible, i stayed for awhile and noticed you have a song-cycle system in there.
  6. Fearborne

    cart ride game

    Dude! What do i even say? Although emitting a 2010 vibe, it incorporates modern-day effects, SFX and scripting into the mix, creating a simple yet creative atmosphere. The soundtrack (besides that one R&B track at the 2nd station), is alike a movie; quite literally cutting into each and every...
  7. Fearborne

    Introducing my first FPS shooter

    freemodeled everything ah yes, it takes me back to the 2010s.
  8. Fearborne

    Hey there. No updates this time, but i do have plans for the future.

    Hey RForum! Here's a list of updates and fixes i'm doing/planning to do to Windswept. I do get a small amount of R$ from when Premium users join, so if you want more game badges, then here's a link to play: https://www.roblox.com/games/3769181919/Windswept-ALPHA-V8 Or you can contribute with the...
  9. Fearborne

    Hacked and banned, what do i say

    Sorry man, i hate to say it but you're out of luck. You're better off just creating a new account and starting from scratch, ROBLOX support is not going to listen to you even if the ban was unjustified and unreasonable. RubenSim knows all about this.
  10. Fearborne

    Another quarantine

    because his mom probably has a job, and has to work. if not then his father, too. if word comes out that their kid is sick then they could lose their jobs within a week atleast that's how my parents were treated
  11. Fearborne

    what happened to 1sugar?

    tis how i found out what the sex was, lol can't go anywhere on this terrible place we call the internet without seeing something NSFW atleast once.
  12. Fearborne

    I got a girlfriend

    Good for you.
  13. Fearborne

    How my day went

    I hate highschool, and my Strength & Conditioning class makes me feel like a alien, out of place but nonetheless i'm doing really good in all of my classes. I'm really just trying to pass with flying colors this year so i can go into Driver's Ed and get my license.
  14. Fearborne

    WINDSWEPT Beta 1.0.0

    I added a bunch of stuff! It's much more optimized, the notes are more professional and polished. I added powerlines, more lore and like i said, polished the notes. Things are more composed, and they make more sense. Come take a look! https://www.roblox.com/games/3769181919/Windswept-ALPHA-V8
  15. Fearborne

    Hey, i want to play your games!

    2016 vibes Escape The SpongeBob Obby! (VIP!)
  16. Fearborne

    Hey, i want to play your games!

    It's late at night and i'm bored out of my mind, send some of your neat games (ones made by you) for me to play. Only the good ones! I'm not playing your sit in a chair simulator! - F
  17. Fearborne

    have a civilised and chill conversation here because I haven't seen one since 810 bc

    croissant cat cat with the croissant he got the croissant on him
  18. Fearborne

    How are you?

    You're quite welcome! Take a breath in and have some chocolate milk, go sit on your front porch. A moment to think can fix things.