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  1. PotentiumRLX

    Double Spacing

    Suggestion: Allow double spaces. I for one always put double spaces between sentences, it's often easier on the eyes and generally considered grammatically formal, although single spaces are still correct. But the lack of double spacing is a bit odd.
  2. PotentiumRLX

    Night, y'all!

    I'm seriously done with these sh#tposting losers, feel free to hmu on Discord (@Overlord#1411) if you wanna chat. I'm gonna head off for the night, but one last thing I haven't mentioned: I finished creating the base Discord for RF, and I'm going to be scripting a bot to verify RF and Roblox...
  3. PotentiumRLX

    Discord Server

    Alright well I have an appointment to attend to but I just wanted to let everybody know that I've begun creating a professional Discord with anti-raid capabilities and admin-abuse protection, and will begin scripting a Discord Bot to be able to Verify users on Roblox and on this Forum! I'll be...
  4. PotentiumRLX

    R6 vs. R15?

    Just a community poll, I want to know what y'all like better, R6 or R15. Older users may like R6 for the nostalgia. Newer users might like R15 for the animations. Developers might like either; R6 is less laggy, while R15 has many more realistic opportunities to further Roblox progression!
  5. PotentiumRLX

    Thoughts on Emerald Crescent Samurai?

    A few months ago, I wound up buying the Emerald Crescent Samurai Limited U for ~R$600, its RAP was ~R$570. Since then, it's gone up a hell of a lot. Does anyone have an estimate as to where it'll be within the next month? https://www.roblox.com/catalog/52454955/-
  6. PotentiumRLX

    [HIRING] Star Wars Builders

    Hey! I'm hiring Star Wars builders for the creation of my Rise of the Empire project, which I have pretty high hopes for! I mostly need interior decorators; I'm really good at building exteriors but that's about it. I want to keep floorplans and deckplans to Star Wars Canon / EU (Expanded...
  7. PotentiumRLX

    Reuleaux Development

    Hi, RobloxForum. I'm PotentiumRLX, the founder of Reuleaux Development. We're a medium-sized (~175 members at the time of this post) Discord community of Developers who are constantly posting hiring or selling requests, with tons of payments (~50k reported Robux at the time of this post) being...
  8. PotentiumRLX

    Rise of the Empire

    Hey guys! I've been creating a game called "Rise of the Empire" over the past month or two, it's a Star Wars simulation game! Game function scripting has been a bit lax, but please check out some of the builds if you're interested by joining https://discord.gg/qMAd4eX and looking in the...