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  1. Fearborne

    Hey there. No updates this time, but i do have plans for the future.

    Hey RForum! Here's a list of updates and fixes i'm doing/planning to do to Windswept. I do get a small amount of R$ from when Premium users join, so if you want more game badges, then here's a link to play: https://www.roblox.com/games/3769181919/Windswept-ALPHA-V8 Or you can contribute with the...
  2. Fearborne

    WINDSWEPT Beta 1.0.0

    I added a bunch of stuff! It's much more optimized, the notes are more professional and polished. I added powerlines, more lore and like i said, polished the notes. Things are more composed, and they make more sense. Come take a look! https://www.roblox.com/games/3769181919/Windswept-ALPHA-V8
  3. Fearborne

    Hey, i want to play your games!

    It's late at night and i'm bored out of my mind, send some of your neat games (ones made by you) for me to play. Only the good ones! I'm not playing your sit in a chair simulator! - F
  4. Fearborne

    How are you?

    Myself? I've been okay, just trying to deal with school and find things to make my days different. So far, making my weekdays different from the others has been successful, and i'm enjoying myself. How about you?
  5. Fearborne

    What's your favourite part about this forum?

    Me, personally i like the Game Advertising bit. Not cause i advertise my game in there, but i like to play other peoples' games, and hand out advice. That and the ROBLOX Most Popular page is pretty bad, full of "me too" simulator games, or some that i don't like.
  6. Fearborne

    Simple kickscript

    I require one, never used it before. I have a LocalScript that enables a kickscript. My script is supposed to enable the kickscript, the kickscript is supposed to wait a little and then kick the player while it's enabled. i tried using player:kick() in said script, but it doesn't work.
  7. Fearborne

    Version 8 of Windswept!

    Released it as of recently, i just haven't had a chance to upload it here yet. There's lots of optimization, heres and theres around the map. Should be less heavy on your PC. https://www.roblox.com/games/3769181919/Windswept-ALPHA-V8
  8. Fearborne


    My name is Fearborne, i come from somewhere in the South end of Wisconsin. I can make a pretty cool game, atleast from the feedback i've heard from friends, relatives and such. Made Windswept, The Revamped Town Of Robloxia (which is still Indev), Alpha Speedway, and Doomertown (also indev). I...
  9. Fearborne

    Recently released version 7 of my game.

    I have no idea what to do! I've ran out of things to bugfix, build or really work on after completion of this version! I was wondering if people would playtest my game, i'm desperate for some different players other than friends. In other words, i need lab rats, and a honest opinion from them...