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  1. TommyTooTang

    Make me draw stuff

    Here's a cute doggo for you 1547249213 @soap got a ref I can use?
  2. TommyTooTang

    Make me draw stuff

    That's beautiful 10/10
  3. TommyTooTang

    Make me draw stuff

    Ask and you shall recieve
  4. TommyTooTang

    Make me draw stuff

    Anyone order some chicken?
  5. TommyTooTang

    i did it

    I'm definitely buying a ticket! What's 1st class like?
  6. TommyTooTang

    Make me draw stuff

    Since I'm an artist at heart, I wanna spread artistic merriment and draw stuff, so boss me around. Some examples of my art (note: CaptainSketch is my pen name):
  7. TommyTooTang

    2019 won't be a good year for this forum...

    Well it's been pretty active since I've joined recently. You shouldn't worry about it too much unless it degrades to like one comment every two days or something
  8. TommyTooTang

    I am the STRONGEST ask me anything

    Why isn't my daddy back from the store yet? It's been 15 years!
  9. TommyTooTang


    Best course of action is to just delete the internet. Simple! The internet can't be bad if it doesn't exist
  10. TommyTooTang


    This is obviously bait and y'all fell for it. Ignore 1547154349 I agree
  11. TommyTooTang

    what is the n word?

    You're a nacho
  12. TommyTooTang

    The most deadly weapon imaginable

    Naw, it's definitely a t-shirt gun. Try getting hit with one point blank in the gut. Not a good feeling at all.
  13. TommyTooTang

    Let's talk about instruments! :)

    Can't say I'm that different from you unfortunately. I tried guitar (both acoustic and electric) and I couldn't get a good grasp on em. I'm practicing piano and taking a class on the saxophone though and I'm doing pretty good on both thus far :)
  14. TommyTooTang

    I need more Unique, ROBLOX game IDEAS. I wanted to know your game IDEAS.

    Hey, how about yet another simulator game? How about breathing simulator where you hold down the mouse to inhale and let it go to exhale? Seriously though, I'd want a detective mystery film noir-esque game where there's a big overarching mystery and a bunch others to do as well. There could be...
  15. TommyTooTang

    Do you listen to music while playing Roblox games with unimportant audio (Or are completely silent)?

    I usually listen to some music from Postmodern Jukebox when playing such games
  16. TommyTooTang

    What's everyone's favourite genres of music and bands?

    Some other good songs from them are Gimmie Shelter and Satisfaction. I highly recommend both if you liked Paint it Black.
  17. TommyTooTang

    What's everyone's favourite genres of music and bands?

    I LOVE music. It's a big part of my life and helped me through plenty hard times. That being said, I generally gravitate towards older music specifically from the mid 19th century to the late 1970's. There's exceptions, but nothing notable. For genres, I like Big band, Jazz (Dixieland, smooth...
  18. TommyTooTang

    Magical Soda Machine

    A game that I enjoyed on another forum- Simply put something in, and you'll get something out. You can put in anything, and get out anything! FOR EXAMPLE: OP: Inserts a piece of cheese. Post #1: Gets a Ham and cheese sandwich. Inserts a baby. Post #2: Gets an angsty teen. Inserts a potato. You...
  19. TommyTooTang

    any old players on here

    It baffles me how old Roblox really is. Just to think, that I was 7 when it came out.