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  1. JuiceDrop

    Robloxforum lowest iq members

    you forgot me you realize how your iq goes down by 100 when you are near a dog? well that's a double negative so that means when i'm near a dog my iq is 81
  2. JuiceDrop

    [S] Selling MS Paint T-Shirts

    idk anymore
  3. JuiceDrop


    so dane dane dane rick astley is a guy who does weird things. what was it? a: still plays brickland
  4. JuiceDrop


    you learn about buddhism and during the lesson some kid turns buddhist whats his name? a: dane b: dane c: dane d: rick astley
  5. JuiceDrop

    what's your favorite song?

    here's mine, also btw no joke songs, no songs by random bands for random things, meaning a metallica song for mi2 counts but not the jester's soundtrack for the town with no name.
  6. JuiceDrop

    try perfectly recreating my pfp

    winner gets absolutely nothing! i made it in paint.net by adding tons of effects to an image of a robloxian, winner gets "exposure" (and by that i mean absolutely nothing)
  7. JuiceDrop

    I found Aaron's cat

  8. JuiceDrop


    okay so what is the essay about a: your face b: the letter blue c: nirvana - Smells like Buddhist Spirt
  9. JuiceDrop

    Will make FREE MS Paint Thumbnails and Icons

    (this is a joke but if you want one ask me)
  10. JuiceDrop


    before i continue juny icedrop, witchcraft, and derek, here's a fun little interactive game. you are at period 1: english what is the lesson? a: some random story nobody cares about b: making bad essays to "catch the reader's eye" (and by that i mean making it sound like a 5 year old made...
  11. JuiceDrop


    maia i will not be responding to this thread
  12. JuiceDrop

    What other forums do you people have an account in?

    back when graphictoria (the second version) was still up i was on there. after that, i went on brickplanet for the forum mainly but sometimes played the (pretty well made) games. when that shut down i made a reddit account (which i still have) and then became a lot more active on here
  13. JuiceDrop

    all you need is

    " i can smell you " - morgz freebird
  14. JuiceDrop

    When you're a mannequin and you're being used for educational purposes

    i have no mouth, but i must educate
  15. JuiceDrop

    all you need is

    i am on a different planet and i can smell you
  16. JuiceDrop

    [S] Selling MS Paint T-Shirts

    no, but you can get one if you want
  17. JuiceDrop

    all you need is

    dove come on you smell bad
  18. JuiceDrop

    [S] Selling MS Paint T-Shirts

    These T-Shirts will have your avatar on them and they will be poorly made. You can get them at a discounted price of 2 robux. You can choose if it has a regular price or if it's going to be offsale afterwards.
  19. JuiceDrop

    JuiceDrop's Official Application

    Roblox username: JuiceDrop Age: 16 Why would you like to be a member of staff: I could help people in need and give the community a reason to stay. How active are you on this forum: Recently about an hour or two a day When did you join this forum: Feburary 21st, 2018 Are all your...