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  1. Cactus


    Well this subforum is pretty empty
  2. Cactus

    well basically

    I got bored of Roblox, joined 4chan, left 4chan, rejoined 4chan, rinse and repeat, and now I've come to wish a happy birthday
  3. Cactus

    HERE IS LE EPIC FACE REVEAL (i got impatient)

  4. Cactus

    if this gets 7 likes i will do an epic face reveal

    here is image: like this 7 times for my profile pic to be removed and reveal le epic!!
  5. Cactus

    Read before posting

    Welcome to Scam Reports. Here, you can tell us about your experiences with scams you were involved in, or any suspicion you have with certain users scamming around the website (ROBLOX). Before you make a post, please be aware that any non-scam threads posted here will result in the thread...
  6. Cactus

    Reply here to join Cactus's RF Chat Conversation

    Anyone who replies will be accepted. Feel free to join!
  7. Cactus

    A screenshot of an entire website (#1 - RobloxForum.com)

    https://ibb.co/hFzjR9 (file was too big to be uploaded here)
  8. Cactus

    RobloxForum Nostalgia Thread

    post your old threads here! EXTRAS: https://robloxforum.com/threads/i-lost-my-underwear.3242/page-2#post-152839 https://robloxforum.com/threads/what-describes-cowcow-the-best.10000/ https://robloxforum.com/threads/a-currency-for-this-website.6720/page-2#post-47905
  9. Cactus

    Goodnight All

    I'll be on again around 5-6pm (20 hours from now rip) goodnight all
  10. Cactus


    just went through and rejected these all (credit to BornToGolf, 5 of these reports were from his posts lol)
  11. Cactus

    I paid my friend $5 to draw my roblox avatar and this is the result

    BEFORE YOU READ THIS: Please check out my friend YouDarnPickle, who drew this for me for a reasonable price. Consider checking them out on Instagram (@youdarnpickle) and DeviantArt (https://www.deviantart.com/youdarnpickle) ROBLOX Avatar (the one i requested): The final result:
  12. Cactus

    play this video at my funeral

  13. Cactus

    Fort Cactile - A Sci-Fi Game coming soon to ROBLOX

    Hey everyone! I'm currently working on a game called Fort Cactile, a Sci-Fi based showcase/interactive game where you can explore the main underground fort built by Lord Cactile in the land of Planet Cactaria. You can currently play what has been developed of the game, however the game is still...
  14. Cactus

    Seems legit

  15. Cactus

    I'll send a friend request to the first 5 users to reply

    it's true!!! just tell me your username, and i'll send a request. my username is: HotCactusALT
  16. Cactus

    Song of the Week (#1)

  17. Cactus

    Video of the Week (#1)

  18. Cactus

    I will edit the first image attached as a reply in any way you want

    be quick, there's only 1 space! tell me what you want me to do to it, and it'll be done. gl xxx