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  1. Captcinn

    ok this is stupid

    I know, anything elon musk says people see.
  2. Captcinn

    ok this is stupid

    I saw that..
  3. Captcinn

    Account Stealer Found

    we could make alt accounts and then raid his group telling him about how much of an awful person he is and then when he deletes what we say we do it again
  4. Captcinn

    How many gears, hats, shoulder and face accessories do you have?

    I have 423 accessories in total (all of them) I have 58 gears in total
  5. Captcinn

    How many friends requests do you have in Roblox?

    I have 3,218
  6. Captcinn

    Game of the Week: Among Us

    he means he got no money
  7. Captcinn

    RobloxForum REAL BOT coming soon.

    Might I ask what this bot will do?
  8. Captcinn

    what happened here

  9. Captcinn

    Is this forum dead?

  10. Captcinn

    i'm so nice

  11. Captcinn

    i'm so nice

    why though?
  12. Captcinn

    does anyone here like weezer

    i'm gonna have to check that out.
  13. Captcinn

    Meepcity : exposed party

    what's so wrong with "i got a song request"
  14. Captcinn

    What roblox body to you usually use?

    I have two avatars, one use blocky and one use 2.0 robloxian.
  15. Captcinn

    Account Stealer Found

    I like that idea.
  16. Captcinn

    Account Stealer Found

    I reported him.
  17. Captcinn

    When is a thread officially dead?

    if you mean like necrobumping, about anywhere from 6 - 12 months old
  18. Captcinn

    does anyone here like weezer

    oh really?
  19. Captcinn

    Thanos and the Bigheads

    Once upon a time... There was a strange world, its name was BigheadLand. Strangely enough, this world has a Thanos Thanos snapped and ended BigheadLand the end
  20. Captcinn

    Lightning McHedgehog

    oh god no
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