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  1. WizardOfHills

    How to update the handle of a tool when activated?

    No idea how to make it really work. First workaround which you may try is to just call Humanoid:UnequipTools() and then Humanoid:EquipTool(tool). Second workaround would be to make handle an invisible part and join/attach to it a visible part. Then you can swap/replace visible parts without...
  2. WizardOfHills

    i need help

    See my reply to your other thread. May I suggest: Fireball.Parent = workspace.
  3. WizardOfHills

    why does this not work???

    idk, it kinda works for me when I placed it in test game (see here). May I suggest? Just check that Fireball is not anchored. Just check that AlreadyTouched is initialised to false and not nil. I am not sure what Humanoid.Health = Humanoid.Health - 0 is supposed to achieve. As far as I can tell...
  4. WizardOfHills


    Can someone translate it for me, please?
  5. WizardOfHills

    Can Someone Help Me With A Small Script

    GamingMaster0124, sometimes you act like a girl who drops her handkerchief in hope that some super hot boy will pick it up for her. This is more of a pattern matching task than scripting. If you locate "$" than you found a place where string/text is formed. As you can see the string is assigned...
  6. WizardOfHills

    Can Someone Help Me With A Small Script

    Try something along these lines. I have not tested it, so do not be surprised if you find some small typo. This script assumes that it is a child of ScreenGui and TextLabel with name MY_TEXT_LABEL is also a child of the same ScreenGui. coins =...
  7. WizardOfHills

    Im having trouble with my game assets loading. RBW2 is the game to be exact.

    Not sure. But by any chance do you experience an infinite loop where changing of value triggers a change handler which (may be indirectly) causes the value to be changed again?
  8. WizardOfHills

    Help I guess?

    Yes. It is number of threads you started plus number of posts (answers under a thread initial post). I think profile posts also count, but I never bothered to verify this.
  9. WizardOfHills

    Elevator Floor is broken

    Two things: CrazyRobloxian spawns at the position of its template. The template has position below the map (Give me The Hotdog). Crazy probably falls down to its doom. Then script crashes because crazy is destroyed and all its children are destroyed too. So references like crazy.Head.GIVEME will...
  10. WizardOfHills

    How to make a timer that teleports all players into a different game?

    I am not quite sure what you want to do. Do you want to transfer all players to 1) another game, 2) another place within the same game, 3) another location within the same place (eg. you just cloned a new map and you want everyone in the lobby to go to the new map).
  11. WizardOfHills

    Rate this old project of mine /10

    The map features interesting caves. Hard to say what would be the objective of the game. As an eye candy it is a bit unapproachable. Flying controls are hard and most visually interesting objects are suspended like in Avatar. It definitely needs some conclusion. Otherwise it is like a book with...
  12. WizardOfHills

    i worked very hard on this game and hope you could check it out

    I must admit that I am not fan of obbies. Therefore, I did not last long before I moved on. However this reflects more on me than on the game. I left it a like. The game is varied and reasonably balanced (easy-challenging). Colours are really screaming. One could wish for some surprises, but...
  13. WizardOfHills

    how to use

    Have you already purchased one?
  14. WizardOfHills

    Item giver

    For in game TShirt, make this Script ("Hit4TShirt") a child of the touchable TShirt dispenser: GRAPHICS = "" script.Parent.Touched:Connect(function(hit) if hit and hit.Parent and hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then local g =...
  15. WizardOfHills

    Scripting help.

  16. WizardOfHills

    Mad Parents are scared of Roblox

    This head teacher tends to sign his letters and memos, like here. I suppose someone has taken liberty of borrowing his letterhead to use his credibility. Look at the difference in style of these two "works". The one I linked above illustrates that teacher is a diagnosis and not a job. Memo is so...
  17. WizardOfHills

    Mad Parents are scared of Roblox

    Kids, this is how fake news looks like. You take some facts and quietly skip other. From biased evidence make absurd conclusions and spread fear, uncertainty and doubt. Once reader is put on alert for a remote threat, author can safely pump lies into reader's mind. As shown above you will...
  18. WizardOfHills

    What do you do

    The system is made so Roblox taxes all transactions (30%). Therefore there is not much R$ in circulation. Practically the only way is to buy it from Roblox. You may try OpRewards, they pay various play currencies for answering questionnaires. It works, but takes more time than it is worth. It is...
  19. WizardOfHills

    thoughts on my game

    My daughter said that: The colours hurt my eyes a little, I don't think the light goes well with the neon colours. Maybe they could remove the light effect? Or the creator could change the shade of the colours so they are more pastel, that way it won't be as painful to look at them since they...
  20. WizardOfHills

    Currency giving command. Ex: !give (player) 100

    16OO1s, your original post is lacking detail necessary to make even an educated guess at what you need. Hence, people who do before they think took an opportunity to amuse themselves. They took a guess that if you do not know what is relevant then you must treat scripting like black magic...
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