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  1. Hallumir

    You are now...

    You will feel the urge to yawn upon reading this post.
  2. Hallumir


    I played Pokémon since Gen III, with FireRed being my first game, but also played earlier games that I bought on Virtual Console. I wasn't really into Sun & Moon, and also I don't have a Nintendo Switch so I didn't play Let's Go Pikachu & Eevee. I played spinoff series as well, my favorite being...
  3. Hallumir

    MY Roblox username is OBCTrailet and my favourite youtuber is Defildplays

    If you join my group ( I will be able to give you 35 robux as a welcome gift. I have so much robux I don't know what to do with it. Also, it might take a few days, because Roblox is checking every purchase of clothes to see if it was botted.
  4. Hallumir

    How many friends requests do you have in Roblox?

    I accept or decline all friend requests as soon as I see them, so zero.
  5. Hallumir

    people that actually have a chance of winning the giveaway because they meet the terms

    Why am I not qualified? I have over 75 posts and made an Introduce Yourself thread.
  6. Hallumir

    yall just got scott'd

  7. Hallumir

    yall just got scott'd

  8. Hallumir

    Roblox Followers

    Unfortunately, even if you soft block follow bots, this happens: I have several pages of followers like this, where there are empty spots and the page isn't actually full. It has been like this for a long time, long after I blocked spam bots who followed me.
  9. Hallumir

    did u know grumpy cat died

    Most pets have short lives. I will never own a cat or dog for this reason.
  10. Hallumir

    Eurovision 2019

    Aw, I liked that one.
  11. Hallumir

    Hi, there!

    I hope you enjoy your time posting here!
  12. Hallumir

    Eurovision 2019

    I doubt most people on this forum watched Eurovision, but it's a thread. It's a topic to talk about. What do you think about the results and what was your favorite song in Eurovision this year? In my opinion the Netherlands had a better song than Sweden and North Macedonia, which were the...
  13. Hallumir

    What roblox body to you usually use?

    Classic. I don't like the way packages distort the shirts and pants.
  14. Hallumir

    im rypagu425 and this is more about me

    Well met!
  15. Hallumir

    When is a thread officially dead?

    When I say dead, I'm thinking about threads that are so old that it's inappropriate to reply to them again.
  16. Hallumir

    I forgot about a thing...

    There are probably kids playing it that are younger than the game itself.
  17. Hallumir

    omg this is so deep

  18. Hallumir

    What is with Roblox people

    There are user interface and website translations now, including in Spanish. I don't know if I would support this idea. Some people will not care about it and join the default servers, while some others will join unpopular foreign language servers just to get into a server with few or no people.
  19. Hallumir

    Fix typo in "Introduce Yourself" description

    In the thread about underage moderators where I said my age, also in the chat where I said my phone autocorrected me.
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