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  1. PixelGamer170

    Roblox PM System

    idk whats wrong with my roblox or chrome, i recently updated it too (look at pic) and i go back to roblox (i refreshed) and it doesnt work? so idk 1560391795 NEW EDIT: i just logged out and logged back in and works now .-. 1560391834 I fixed it apparently, I logged out then logged back in and...
  2. PixelGamer170

    YouTube, are you dumb?

    roy purdy plays roblox? thats pretty cool lol
  3. PixelGamer170

    I like memes in my burger

    I like memes in my burger
  4. PixelGamer170

    I like taco chicken in my cheese

    I like taco chicken in my cheese
  5. PixelGamer170

    Roblox PM System

    okay so, my chat bar hasn't been working lately and I don't know what the problem is. my roblox client is updated and everything, is this just me or is it happening with others as well?
  6. PixelGamer170

    New User

    hey everyone, you guys just got +1 user, ME! Hello everyone :D
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