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  1. rypagu425

    bart man

  2. rypagu425

    song of the day. green monster.

    its green all over. its every ones fav star people
  3. rypagu425

    im rypagu425 and this is more about me

    boy 13 i like dantdm my discord is theroketking(i am a king) my name is short for RPG. r:ry. p:pa g:gu have a fun time with me roblox id:same
  4. rypagu425

    horses in the back people

    video so good people also this one is likely the same
  5. rypagu425

    the best song for the forum

    this song is the one man here it man 1558033215 its a good one
  6. rypagu425

    Mr. krabs so werid for songs

    this video is so werid! look at this video man
  7. rypagu425

    robux is bad from other websites

    dont redeem robux unless you got it from a store. u could get hacked. don't do it REALY GUYS
  8. rypagu425

    hello im rypagu425

    (this is a werid name but i chose it anyway) my real name is rylee im a boy (as u can tell) im 13 im an awesome guy in roblox i like to make friends I NEVER TRUST ANYBODY THAT ARE MEAN TO ME if you like to play roblox with me, just seach my name which is the same name here. have fun (u gonna...
  9. rypagu425

    emoji madness

    people in the chat are using emojis a lot lately. i guess everyone likes emojis in the chat but what does a dino and a plane mean? do u have an idea? tell me
  10. rypagu425

    this robux offer is getting out of hands

    its just everybody wants this offer so bad that i think the whole chat system could blow about it like too muck people in a fortnite dance
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