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  1. Generalissimus

    Away until monday

    Due to personal reasons I won’t be able to use my PC for a week. See yous then.
  2. Generalissimus

    New Roblox logo? First time i'm seeing it as a silver color. Is this new or am I just dumb?
  3. Generalissimus

    Recruited Generalissimus' application

    Roblox username: kristofer2058 Age: 15 (16 later this year) Why would you like to be a member of staff: Well, since I visit this site on a daily basis and like to interact with the community (as much as I do disagree with it sometimes), I thought that it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot and see...
  4. Generalissimus

    do people still use this forum?

    hello i am back
  5. Generalissimus

    oh no

  6. Generalissimus

    1v1 me kiddies

  7. Generalissimus

    Kay Kyser is the first recorded thot slayer

    prove me wrong
  8. Generalissimus

    can someone explain how destruction simulator in just 10 days is already popular?

    it was created 10 days ago and already popular
  9. Generalissimus

    why was LegendLenny banned?

  10. Generalissimus

    but steels' heavier than feathers

  11. Generalissimus

    today is estonia's independence day

    yay freedom
  12. Generalissimus

    hello comrades

    greetings. i am generalissimus and this is my profile i found out about this site yesterday after watching a few videos i like sword fighting games (such as auto duels) and sword fighting in general enough said
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