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  1. Killnus

    Victoria's Fantasy:- Need a scripter

    no but it still hurts my eye
  2. Killnus


    this forum's 13th rule: Lack of common sense may be punishable ;)
  3. Killnus

    stop the countdown when start editing

    So there is the 5 min countdown on editing a thread, make it so if you start to edit it then you can edit it until you stop it not like you have 5 minutes to edit it. (I know Vip, Pro, Ultra can do it for longer but still)
  4. Killnus

    Rate my outfit 1-10

    Front: Back: Side: I don't think it's something that you can judge my avatar of so I won't write how much is my outfit
  5. Killnus

    Victoria's Fantasy:- Need a scripter

    please if you use that font then don't use that small letters
  6. Killnus

    SleepyWinq's Mod Application

    good luck
  7. Killnus

    Willing to lend a hand? Come quickly!

    what you doing?
  8. Killnus

    How many times can we comment the current time

    good morning
  9. Killnus

    Free Flight

    good game
  10. Killnus

    this ad is making me triggered

    who said it isn't possible?
  11. Killnus

    UGC Is released and here are some things you should know about it.

    Imagine a random UGC hat in the corner of the site
  12. Killnus

    What's your guys favorite sandwich place?

    sandwich is exspensive
  13. Killnus

    Builder for hire

  14. Killnus

    Why don't people realize this

    but you still need to pay them
  15. Killnus

    Best Roblox FPS game?

    Island Royale is not a First Person Shooter, It's a third person shooter idc if your banned
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